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LINE FRIENDS Mobile Messenger Stickers Inspire ‘BROWN AND FRIENDS’ Netflix Series

The new animated children’s series from IPX follows the adventures and friendships of the LINE original characters; show debuts on the streamer December 29.

The LINE FRIENDS from LINE mobile messenger now have their own animated series, BROWN AND FRIENDS, debuting on Netflix December 29th, in commemoration of the characters’ 10th anniversary. Produced in partnership with Netflix, the 3D-animated series follows 11 LINE FRIENDS original characters, including, BROWN, CONY, SALLY, and CHOCO.

The children’s series takes place in a cozy little neighborhood coffee shop where a group of fun-loving friends get together to share about all their unique adventures. Viewers will learn about the love story behind BROWN and CONY, watch SALLY’s ambition grow as a mystical wizard, witness the appearance of BOSS’ mysterious female companion, and see how JAMES keeps his friends on the edge of their seats with his unstoppable adventures.

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LINE FRIENDS original characters, created in 2011 as stickers on LINE, a mobile messenger used by approximately 200 million people worldwide, has achieved over $US 2.26 billion in accumulated transaction volume since 2016, mostly from the Asia market.

“To commemorate the 10th anniversary of LINE FRIENDS character IPs, IPX is truly excited to release BROWN AND FRIENDS, a Netflix animated series that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, gender, or race,” said an IPX official. “With this partnership, IPX will continue to expand the influence of our original character and mini IP business beyond Asia and across US, Europe, and all other global markets.”

Source: IPX

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