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Lightmap Releases HDR Light Studio 5.4

Latest version of HDR Light Studio provides adjustable light handles and full three-axis rotation, allowing 3D mapped lights to be oriented in any direction.

HDR Light Studio v5.4 focuses on providing 3D Artists with even more control and freedom when lighting. The ability to precisely position and orient lights intuitively enhances speed and creativity. Artists can now light even more instinctively, as though in a studio environment and fine-tune as they go.

HDR Light Studio’s intuitive approach to lighting is enhanced in v5.4 by the addition of adjustable light handles that can be positioned anywhere within the light and are dynamically moved. This is a real time saver when perfecting the light positions for highlights and gradients, as you know exactly where they start and end.

Full three-axis rotation now allows 3D mapped lights to be oriented in any direction (x, y and z) and manipulated easily with HDR Light Studio’s renowned click and drag lighting controls. The introduction of four rotation modes (free, v-lock, h-lock and fixed) allow the user to change the orientation characteristics of a light making many tasks such as replicating studio setups simpler, quicker and more accurate.

“As you know in 3D we’re always moving around the object with the light always facing the object which can be frustrating and not always give the results you expect. Now we can get to our solutions so much faster, as well as achieving a more realistic look,” said Adam Michell, a Product Rendering Artist at Logitech.

“I currently add my lights in then tweak the position really slightly in order to get the edge of the lights just where I want them. Being able to change the handle position or adjust the angle rotation within a scene will even further improve how we tackle complex packaging models. Brilliant!” said Daniel Edwards, Senior 3D Artist, Sonoco-Trident.

Area lights, introduced in v5.3, can now point in any direction enabling lighting to be created, adjusted and positioned in a very creative way. In HDR Light Studio you can focus on the lighting effect in the final shot without worrying about moving lights in 3D space.

32 additional Studio Light Sources have also been added to the Preset Library and v5.4’s Cinema 4D connection now supports R18.

Source: Lightmap