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Lightfold Releases ‘Godspeed’ Pilot on YouTube

‘Final Space’ creator Olan Rogers raises $100K on Kickstarter within hours of releasing series’ pilot, ensuring funding for new episodes; reveals legendary Tom Kenny as part of voice acting lineup. 

Final Space creator Olan Rogers premiered the new animated sci-fi series pilot Godspeed on YouTube last Friday, December 15. According to Rogers, within seven hours of posting the short, the Kickstarter campaign raised an impressive $100,000 to fund additional episodes. The pilot revealed that voice acting legend Tom Kenny is on board as part of the top voice talent lineup.

Lightfold, a creator-first studio founded by Rogers with Academy Award-nominated executive producer Rosa Tran (Anomalisa, Robot Chicken) and director Ben Bjelajac (Final Space), focuses on creating unique stories using alternative funding sources, such as the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. Their debut venture, Godspeed, is a captivating 24-minute sci-fi story with an interstellar voice cast.

The new series follows the journey of Iris, a young woman, and her adorable karaoke-bot sidekick Bowie as they navigate the desolate landscape and abandoned homes of their crumbling world. Her path takes an unexpected turn when they stumble upon a mysterious broadcast that holds the key to their escape. To follow the message, she must survive a planet-ending storm.

The series cast includes Kenny (Spongebob, Adventure Time), Troy Baker (The Last of Us), Claudia Black (Farscape, The Nevers), Bryce Charles (Big Nate), Coty Galloway (Final Space), and the show's creator, Rogers.

Watch the pilot: ‘Godspeed:’

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Source: Lightfold

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