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LightBox Expo Creators Introduce Magma Studio

New browser-based painting application facilitates real-time collaboration for up to 30 people at a time, working anywhere.

Bobby Chiu and Jim Demonakos, the creators of LightBox Expo, have joined forces with software developers Code Charm Inc. (creators of to create a new creative collaborative application, Magma Studio. Working directly from a browser, it provides the power of multi-user collaboration with the familiarity of professional-grade painting.

"Magma Studio is a game changer for collaborative drawing,” commented Chiu. “This application is specifically crafted for artists looking to create art with others, or any team looking to bring remote work to any device."

The application helps bridge the gap between artists and non-artists to be able to work closely on any project by sharing a board that is updated in real time, so everyone is working on the latest iteration. Magma Studio autosaves work and keeps it safely stored in the cloud; it makes it a living document which can be edited in real-time in a non-conflicting manner by up to 30 people at once.

In addition to the collaborative browser-based software, Magma Studio offers both Studio and Enterprise editions for those who want to install it on internal networks.

Additional information is available at Magma Studio.

Source: Magma Studio