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LFA’s Women in European Animation Panel Set for June 17 at Annecy 2020

Day-long video conference, ‘Confinement Votre,’ will focus on what women in the industry across Europe have learned and created during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

PARIS -- Les Femmes s’Animent (LFA) has announced the presentation of a day-long video conference, “Confinement Votre,” on Wednesday, June 17 during the Annecy International Animation Digital Festival. LFA asked women in the animation industry, across Europe, about their lockdown experiences and what they learned. The conference will feature mini interviews interspersed with excerpts of animations that have been produced during confinement.

This short presentation features some beautiful and sometimes quite surprising answers to the question, “Was this period a simple parenthesis, or will it change our lives forever?”

In line with LFA’s previous actions, and in direct response to the recent and ongoing international upheavals and subsequent growing awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion, the group is reinforcing its initiatives in favor of inclusion in the animation industry in France.

LFA has announced the launch of a talent search and mentoring program focused on animation projects and providing access, not normally available, to an important professional network, industry leaders and creators. The program take place in France and on the African (francophone) continent, in coordination with Annecy’s 2021 focus. It will include a search aimed specifically at emerging female talent. The objective is to identify and support talent, helping the female participants to define, nurture and produce animated productions. These projects will be presented during the Annecy 2021 festival.

LFA has also announced its actions for the year 2020/21:

Following the Second Conference for Parity, Equality and Diversity in Cinema and Audiovisual in autumn 2019, which identified and exposed many obstacles to inclusion still present in the cultural sector in France, LFA announced an increase in its actions that favor parity and inclusion of women with the following:

  • Working with existing associations and training programs to improve inclusion in the animation industry with increased visibility and efficiency.
  • Organize meetings with animation professionals to raise awareness of existing barriers to inclusion, on all levels, and to disseminate a “Charter of Inclusion and Diversity” to animation studios.
  • Open the animation sector to individuals that are currently excluded, beginning with better distribution of information about the professional opportunities in the animation sector - especially high school students.
  • Expand the existing organization of LFA mentorships aimed at supporting young women in their career development within animation. 

Source: Les Femmes s’Animent