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Lenica Documentary in Progress

Animation historian Marcin Gizycki has begun production on a 30-minute documentary film about animator Jan Lenica, a Poland native whose credits include animated shorts such as Janko the Musician (1960), Labyrinth (1962), and several films with Walerian Borowczyk. After teaching in Kassel and Berlin, Germany for the past 20 years (and stints working in France and the United States), Lenica has returned to Poland where he is currently making a 30-minute film called Wyspa R.O. (The R.O. Island), with Studio Miniatur Filmowych. Both films are being funded by Polish Television. Lenicas new film--his first in 20 years--will be a combination of animation, optical printing effects, and live-action starring fellow animator Piotr Dumala. Gizycki is also working on a documentary about the history of Polish animation, and is a contributor to a forthcoming book about Studio Miniatur Filmowych, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.