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‘The Legend of Hei’ Coming to Digital April 20

Based on the popular flash animation series by Ping Zhang, the animated fantasy adventure comes to DVD and Blu-ray+ DVD combo pack May 11.

Shout! Studios has announced The Legend of Hei is coming to digital April 20 and DVD and Blu-ray+ DVD combo pack May 11. Based on filmmaker Ping Zhang’s (a.k.a MTJJ) successful 2011 flash animation series, the story was developed into a feature-length animated fantasy adventure.

After his home is destroyed by humans, Cat spirit Luo-Xiao Hei’s goes on a journey and meets a group of other spirit creatures who have also lost their homes. Together they dream of reconquering the land they feel is rightfully theirs. Then the group meets a human known as Wuxian – the human takes Hei on a journey of self-discovery where he learns to think for himself and control his abilities.

The film features the voice talent of a Chinese American cast including Emi Lo (Bofuri, Valentine); Aleks Le (Funan, Ne Zha); Howard Wang (Dragon Ball Z, Marvel Avengers Academy); Kaiji Tang (Justice League, Grantz-O); Caleb Yen (Black Clover, Scott & Crowley); and Suzie Yeung (Kemono Friends).

Pre-order is available now from Shout!Factory and Amazon

Source: Shout Factory