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Learn Conceptual Modeling For Auto Design With Release From Digital-Tutors

Autodesk publisher Digital-Tutors has released CREATING CONCEPT VEHICLES IN MAYA -- the newest release in a growing library of interactive training for aspiring artists using Maya, the award-winning 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering solution.

CREATING CONCEPT VEHICLES IN MAYA offers nearly seven hours of project-based training for new and experienced artists learning to design 3D vehicles from initial concept development to achieving the final renders and includes creative techniques to lighting, texturing, and rendering.

"There are numerous design challenges when creating concept vehicles," said Justin Marshall Lead Modeling Instructor at Digital-Tutors. "With CREATING CONCEPT VEHICLES IN MAYA, artists overcome these issues by learning an essential workflow and creative practices to designing and modeling realistic 3D vehicles using polygonal techniques, varieties of textures, and numerous shading methods."

Popular highlights from CREATING CONCEPT VEHICLES IN MAYA include: conceptual development, solutions to design challenges, polygon modeling techniques, using smooth preview, converting smooth preview to polygons, thumbnails to complete designs, using 3D to pre-visualize models, automotive terminology and design, creating creases with edge loops, adding realism with detail, UV mapping techniques, applying chrome surface materials, building car paint materials, creating brushed metal effects, using the text tool, rendering with Final Gather, adding HDRI lighting, texture creation in Photoshop, creating tiled bump map, building textures with UV snapshots, manipulating edge flow with split polygon tool, creating fitted panels, and adding glowing panels.

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