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Learn Acting for Animation from Barry Purves!

Master animator Barry Purves will be teaching Acting for Animation at the Museum of the Moving Image in London. The class takes place from Saturday, July 10 to Sunday, July 11, from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm both days. Barry Purves is one of the world's leading stop-motion puppet animators. He began his career at Cosgrove Hall Productions working on such programs as THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS. Since then Barry has gone on to write, direct, and animate several award-winning films: NEXT (1989), SCREEN PLAY (1992), RIGOLETTO (1993), and GILBERT & SULLIVAN (1998). In 1995 he worked on Tim Burton's MARS ATTACKS, and completed several minutes of stop-motion footage before the decision was made to go with CGI. Nevertheless, the Martians in the final film are based on the acting and characterisation developed in the footage completed by Barry. Morevover, Tim Burton has described Barry's footage done for MARS ATTACKS as "very beautiful." In addition to his film career, Barry teaches and holds workshops regularly at such places as The Royal College of Art, Manchester University, The National Film and Television School, and other colleges throughout the world. Only 15 spaces are available, so it is essential that you call as soon as possible to book a space. For further information contact Yvette Burrows, BATS, c/o Museum of the Moving Image, South Bank, London SE1 8XT, United Kingdom. TEL: 0171 815 1376; FAX: 0171 928 7938; or e-mail:

Barry wrote about his MARS ATTACKS experience for the first issue of Animation World Magazine in April 1996. See "The Emperor's New Clothes".

Read Barry Purves' diary about the making of his latest film, GILBERT & SULLIVAN, which begins in the June 1998 issue of Animation World Magazine in "Here's A How de do Diary".

For more about The Museum of the Moving Image read Yvette Burrows' article, "Animation at the Museum of the Moving Image," in the October 1997 issue of Animation World Magazine.