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Leah Shore Helps Lyn Lapid Take on Industry Greed in ‘Producer Man’

Indie animator directs and produces the Tik Tok star’s breakout music video, a minimalist blend of live-action and clever hand-drawn animation.

It’s all about the money! Leah Shore is back, this time switching gears from COVID-19 admonitions to tackling the tale of a wicked, greedy man. Shore directed and produced the live-action / animated breakout music video for Tik-Tok star Lyn Lapid’s “Producer Man.” In the video, Lapid sings center stage while hand-drawn animations act out her lyrical woes. The concept is simple and elegant, with minimal coloration, putting into focus the harrowing experience Lapid faced as an up-and-coming artist.

Watch Producer Man now:

More impressive than the seamless blend of live-action and animation is the speed in which the video was created. Shore tells AWN, “It was a very fast turnaround in that I had to produce the animation in about a week and a half. I boarded this in 2 days and we filmed Lyn in less than a day. I think it came together pretty well!” Shore shared directorial and producing duties with Lillie Wojcik. The animation was created by Sarah Miskoff, Rob Yulfo, and Sam Braithwaite.

For more information about Leah Shore and Lyn Lapid, visit their websites and social media:

Leah Shore:

Twitter: @Leah_Shore
Instagram: leah_shore

Lyn Lapid:

Tik Tok: @lynlapid
Instagram: _lynlapid
Twitter: @_lynlapid

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