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Laybourne Launching New Company

Geraldine Laybourne, often described as one of the most powerful women inthe entertainment industry, has left her post as president of Disney/ABC Cable Networks to form her own diversified media company. With ABC asits first investor and client, the still unnamed company will focus oncreating branded content for the Internet and television, targeted mainlyat women and children. Prior to joining Disney/ABC in 1996, Laybourne waspresident of Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, a company she joined in 1980 at itsbeginning. Laybourne said, "With the explosion of new technologies of theInternet with traditional media, I see many of the same conditions todaythat existed 20 years ago." She added, "The interplay between televisionand the Internet allows deeper connections than ever before." Prior tojoining Nickelodeon in 1980, Laybourne was a teacher and advocate ofmedia education.

Exploring a like-minded interest in the Internet as a mass medium,Geraldine's husband Kit Laybourne has written "Below The Digital Radar," anarticle included in the latest issue of Animation World Magazine.