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Latest Animation World Magazine Acrobat Hits the Net

The latest edition of the Acrobat version of Animation World Magazine has arrived online. In this edition from September 2005, the theme centers in on Education and Training. AWN polled its readers to see how they are training for careers and getting jobs. Managing editor Rick DeMott reports back with the findings and highlights. Tom Sito recounts his thoughts on visiting the Beijing Film Academy, giving a Western view of the education process in the East. John Cawley speaks candidly with various interns regarding what they wish they taught in school now that theyve gotten a taste of the working world. Christopher Panzner looks into the increase of stunning student animated films from European schools and the factors contributing to why they are turning out often better work than the pros.

In an AWN exclusive, stop-motion vet Mike Johnson describes what it was like co-directing the groundbreaking CORPSE BRIDE with Tim Burton. In focusing on animation from around the world, Philipe Moins finds the Anifest in Trebon in the Czech Republic an opportune time to take a look at the current Czech animation scene and the many influences from its illustrious past. Likewise, Greg Singer reports on the genera; state of animation education and production in Argentina while at Anima 05.

In columns, Dr. Toon takes a second spin at profiling comic strips he thinks would make great animated properties. The Animation Pimp goes on another journey to the past a journey that leads to life in animation. In Mind Your Business, Mark Simon channels the advice of Principal V. Ery Hytuition, regarding the School of Hard Knocks when getting a job. In addition, Nancy Cartwright gives some advice on making sacrifices for ones career, but always remaining true to ones self. The Career Coach helps readers outline an action plan to attaining your goals no matter what they may be.

In reviews, Sarah Baisley continues her look at Annecy 2005 with a focus on the films. Taylor Jessen review five new short films in Fresh from the Festivals while Libby Reed reviews the book DRAW THE LOONET TUNES and famed animation historian Giannalberto Bendazzi reviews the book YURI NORSTEIN AND TALE OF TALES: AN ANIMATORS JOURNEY.

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