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LAIKA Sparks New Era With Foundry Networks

LAIKA, the animation studio based in Portland, Oregon, is standardizing to Foundry Networks' 10-gigabit Ethernet switches and network management solution. By using Foundry's BigIron RX, FastIron SX, FastIron GS, IronPoint Wireless and IronView Network Manager end-to-end, LAIKA is able to produce advanced high-definition computer generated, 2D/3D, motion graphics, and stop-motion animation at one location, improving project time to completion.

"We consulted with several of the leading animation studios and were immediately directed towards Foundry Networks as their networking vendor of choice," said Alvaro Cubillas, VP and head of Technology for LAIKA. "After evaluating Foundry's switching capabilities in our testing facility, it was clear that their 10-gigabit Ethernet BigIron RX backbone and FastIron switches should become the cornerstone of our networking infrastructure. The reliability and scalability Foundry delivers allows our artists and animators to focus on what is important: the stories and character performance. We are always transferring heavy amounts of data between servers making high performance computing networking absolutely essential for our business and project timeline."

"With the addition of LAIKA to our ever growing roster of animation and special effects studios, Foundry has established itself as the de facto standard for high-end computer-generated image creation," added Bob Schiff, VP and general manager for Foundry's Enterprise Business Unit. "Foundry's ability to deliver exceedingly high performance, scalability, reliability and support in various compact form factors has made us extremely successful with companies who require the best networking equipment available..."

Currently in production at LAIKA ( is CORALINE based on the best-selling children's novel by Neil Gaiman. Adapted for the screen and directed by Henry Selick, CORALINE marks the first 3-D stop motion feature, and boasts a voice cast headed by Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher. Additional films slated for development include JACK & BEN and HERE BE MONSTERS.

Foundry Networks Inc. ( is a leading provider of high- performance enterprise and service provider switching, routing, security and Web traffic management solutions, including Layer 2/3 LAN switches, Layer 3 Backbone switches, Layer 4-7 application switches, wireless LAN and access points, metro and core routers. Foundry is the networking provider of choice for Industrial Light & Magic and Avid Technology Inc.

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Bill Desowitz, former editor of VFXWorld, is currently the Crafts Editor of IndieWire.