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"Kwiky Mart" is big in Holland

Sunday, November 22, marked the end of the 7th Holland Animation FilmFestival 1998. Awards were presented for both the international competitionfor applied animation and student films. The jury for the internationalcompetition for applied animation consisted of Garri Bardin (Russia), PaulBush (United Kingdom), Dingeman Kuilman (The Netherlands), Adriaan Lokman(The Netherlands), and Linda Simensky (United States). They chose thefollowing films to receive the Golden Pegbar Awards:

Grand Prix: Nestea Cool "Kwiky Mart" by Dave Borthwick (United Kingdom).Best Commercial: "Last Order" by Mamoru Oshii (United Kingdom).Best Education Film: "Invisible Ocean" by Fran Hois Garnier (France).Best Station ID: MTV Japan "Papa Ga Tonda Asa" by Keita Kurosaka (Japan).Best Music Video: "4 Day Weekend" by Kojii Morimoto (United Kingdom).Best Animated Campaign: "Beavis & Butthead" by Geoffrey Johnson (UnitedStates).

The jury for student films consisted of Michael Dudok de Wit (UnitedKingdom), Nicole Saloman (France), and Harry Schreurs (The Netherlands).

They awarded the following student films:First prize: "Elastic Bombastic" by Michael Schelfthout.Second prize: "L'Arme du Crocodile" by Eric Blesin.Third prize: "The Big Mix" by Pieter Engels and Efim Perlis.

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Paul and Menno de Nooijer will review the Holland Animation Festival in theJanuary issue of Animation World Magazine.