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Klasky Csupo signs eight directors

Los Angeles-based Klasky Csupo has expanded its commercials division with the signing of eight directors to its roster: CORKY QUAKENBUSH is a stop-motion animator famous for his raunchy MAD TV spots; Sweden-native STIG BERQVIST is a 2D animator who recently completed working on Stressed Eric with Klaskys TV division, and also co-directed short films including Otto and Revolver; JIM BLASHFIELD is a Portland, Oregon-based mixed-media director known for his cut-out look utilized in such music videos as Michael Jacksons Leave Me Alone and Talking Heads And She Was; SALLY CRUIKSHANK is a Los Angeles-area 2D cel animator known for her work on Sesame Street and independent films such as Quasi at the Quackadero; STEVEN DOVAS is a new York-based commercial director with a recent independent film, Call Me Fishmael; DEBRA SOLOMON is also a New York independent whose musical shorts include Mr. Matisse and Everybodys Pregnant; JOHN HAUGSE is a computer painting artist and director of the film Disparate Measures. Finally, MIKE JOHNSON is a stop-motion animator, and director of the short, The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Klasky Csupo Commercials is headed up by LIZ SEIDMAN and former MTV exec JOHN ANDREWS.