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Kitaro Kosaka’s ‘Okko’s Inn’ Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with E-SAKUGA eBook.

Interactive format allows readers to flip through keyframes and access archives of popular Japanese animation with only a touch; available in Apple’s ‘Book Store.’

In celebration of the second anniversary of the September 2018 release of the Japanese animated feature Okko’s Inn, directed by Kitaro Kosaka, comes the release of an anime eBook keyframes collection. The E-SAKUGA series allows you to tap your screen to flip through real anime keyframes providing archives of popular Japanese animation. The eBook is now available in the “Book Store” within Apple’s “Book” application.

In the animated feature Okko's Inn, Okko, a 6th grade elementary school girl who lost her parents in a car accident, starts her training as the next caretaker of a hot spring inn run by her grandmother. A touching story of a girl growing up while being supported by mysterious friends.

Books available in E-SAKUGA format includes: Summer Wars: MAQUIA: When the Promised Flower Blooms; Lupin the 3rd PART4; JIN-ROH; FLCL; DEN-NOH COIL; Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo; and Giovanni’s Island. In addition, Isao Takahata’s Gauche the Cellist Archive and Takashi Nakamura’s The Portrait Studio Archive are both available using tapmation technology.

Source: Onebilling Inc.