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KIRI Engine 2.10 3D Scanning App Update Now Available

Release allows users with LiDAR equipped iOS devices to create rapid photoreal 3D models locally - in a matter of minutes; added functionality comes with no additional cost.

Apple’s Object Capture API.

KIRI Innovations has released an update to its 3D scanning solution, the KIRI Engine app, which allows 3D creators to quickly generate photorealistic 3D models by simply taking photos or videos. The KIRI Engine is in use by more than 500,000 3D creators.

New in KIRI Engine 2.10 – added free:

  • Integration with Apple's Object Capture API allows users with LiDAR equipped iOS devices to perform photogrammetry locally, with comprehensive user feedback.
  • Added LiDAR scan for iPhone and iPad Pro models.

Integrating iOS 17's improved Object Capture API with KIRI Engine version 2.10 provides real-time photogrammetry, raising the benchmark in the world of 3D scanning.

3D scanning's evolution includes various techniques, with traditional photogrammetry most recently leading the pack – it captures comprehensive photos of objects from multiple vantage points while deploying algorithms that are instrumental in producing intricate 3D models. The technique has inherent challenges, such as its reliance on complex computational analysis.

KIRI Innovations uses a cloud-based generating system to ensure images undergo processing on dedicated servers, circumventing hardware constraints and accomplishing the task remotely.

Introduced at WWDC2021, Apple’s Object Capture API has previously undergone significant improvements, with the technology now optimized to run locally on LiDAR equipped iOS devices. The result is rapid production of photoreal 3D models.

Users with KIRI Engine 2.10 and iOS 17 and LiDAR equipped iOS devices can utilize and select between traditional photogrammetry and cutting-edge Object Capture. The enhancement enables direct and local generation of 3D models on user devices, bypassing the need for server uploads. Paired with the capabilities of LiDAR scanning, users have a wider selection of methods tailored to their 3D scanning pursuits.

Watch KIRI Innovation’s co-founder and CEO, Jack  Wang, to learn more about the new features:

Source: KIRI Innovations

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