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Kim Possible Leads Daytime Emmy Noms For Toons

Today the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 32rd annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Disneys KIM Possible garnered five nominations, leading all other animated fare, including a nod for Outstanding Children's Animated Program. THE BATMAN and BLUES CLUES came in a close second with four nominations apiece. DORA THE EXPLORER and JAKERS! took home three noms with DUCK DODGERS and POSTCARDS FROM BUSTER receiving two nods.

A big note is the toon domination in the sound-editing category, which encompasses all daytime animated and live-action series.

Below is a list of all the categories where animated programs were nominated.

Outstanding Children's Animated ProgramARTHUR * PBSPierre Valette, exec producerToper Taylor, exec producerLesley Taylor, exec producerMarc Brown, exec producerGreg Bailey, Producer/DirectorJacqui Deegan, producerDiane Dallaire, producerTolon Brown, producerGeoff Adams, producerPaul Higgins, coordinating producerPeter K. Hirsch, writerDebora Toffan, director

DORA THE EXPLORER * Nickelodeon Chris Gifford, exec producer/writerValerie Walsh, co-exec producer/writerJeffrey Degrandis, supervising producerCathy Galeota, producerEric Wiener, producer/head writerMiken Wong, line producer/head writerGeorge Chialtas, directorSherie Pollack, director

KIM POSSIBLE * DisneyBob Schooley, exec producerMark Mccorkle, exec producerDavid Block, directorSteve Loter, directorLisa Schaffer, directorBill Motz, writerBob Roth, writer

PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD * TLCKate Taylor, exec producerJessica Hanlon, exec producerMelinda Toporoff, supervising producerVince Commisso, senior producerMarisa Wolsky, producer rGeoff Adams, producerKai Pindal, producerPaul Higgins, coordinating producerSteven Jarosz, coordinating producerRick Marshall, directorDeb Toffan, directorKathy Waugh, head writerJoe Fallon, writer

TODDWORLD * TLCBill Schultz, exec producerTodd Parr, exec producerGerry Renert, exec producerPaul Cummins, exec producerAmy Sprecher, exec producerMike Young, co- exec producerLiz Young, co- exec producerMelinda Toporoff, supervising producerCarin Greenberg Baker, supervising producer/writerSiobhan Ni Ghadra, producerStuart Cunningham, producerMarie Cecchino Brand, line producerCyrus Mistry, line producerJeff Gordon, directorGlenn Kirkpatrick, directorDoug Parker, directorPamela Hickey, writerDennys McCoy, writerCorey Powell, writer Ken Pontac, writerNicole Duboc, writer

Outstanding Special Class Animated ProgramTHE BATMAN * Kids WBSander Schwartz, exec producerAlan Burnett, exec producerDuane Capizzi, supervising producerMichael Goguen, supervising producerJeff Matsuda, producerLinda M. Steiner, producerGlen Murakami, producerAdam Beechen, writerSteven Melching, writerSeung Eun Kim, director Brandon Vietti, directorSam Liu, directorGinny McSwain, director

DUCK DODGERS * Cartoon NetworkSander Schwartz, exec producerSpike Brandt, supervising producer/director/writerTony Cervone, supervising producer/director/writerPaul Dini, producer/writerTom Minton, producer/writerLinda M. Steiner, producerCollette Sunderman, director

ROLIE POLIE OLIE * DisneyWilliam Joyce, exec producerMichael Hirsh, exec producerScott Dyer, exec producerCorinne Kouper, exec producerGuillaume Hellouin, supervising producerPamela Lehn, supervising producerSusie Grondin, producerEric Flaherty, producerChristophe Archambault, producerMike Fallows, supervising directorRon Pitts, directorBill Giggie, directorNadine Van Der Velde, writerSteve Sullivan, writerAlice Prodanau, writerRobin Stein, writer

Outstanding Pre-School Children's SeriesBLUES CLUES * NickelodeonTodd Kessler, exec producerAngela C. Santomero, exec producerTraci-Paige Johnson, exec producerJennifer Twomey, exec producerWendy Harris, co-exec producerMarcy Pritchard Shablak, line producerCarmen Limburg Koge, producerShannon George, producerAlice Wilder, producerDave Palmer, producer

HI-5 * TLCHelena Harris, exec producerKris Noble, exec producerMelinda Toporoff, supervising producerMarcel Zammit, line producer

PAZ * TLCAmy Sprecher, exec producerJohnathan Meath, exec producerErin Wanner, producerClive Juster, producerCharlotte Damgaard, producerRoland Tongue, producer

SESAME STREET * PBSDr. Lewis Bernstein, exec producerKevin Clash, co-exe producerCarol-Lynn Parente, senior producerKaren Ialacci, producerMeliss Dino, producerTim Carter, co-producer

Outstanding Performer In An Animated ProgramTHE BATMAN * Kids WBKevin Michael Richardson, As The Joker

CLIFFORD'S PUPPY DAYS * PBSHenry Winkler, As Norville


KIM POSSIBLE * DisneyChristy Romano, As Kim

PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD * TLCJoan Cusack, As The Narrator

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Live Action and AnimationTHE BATMAN * Kids WBTom Syslo, supervising sound editorTimothy J. Borquez, Mpse, supervising sound editorKeith Dickens, sound editorJeff Hutchins, sound editorDoug Andorka, sound editorEric Freeman, sound editorDaisuke Sawa, sound editorRoy Braverman, sound editorMark Howlett, sound editorMark Keatts, dialogue editorMark Keefer, dialogue editor

DUCK DODGERS * Cartoon NetworkRobert Hargreaves, supervising sound editorGeorge Brooks, sound editorMark Keatts, sound editorKerry K. Brody, sound editorMark Keefer, sound editorTim Isle, sound editor

JAKERS! THE ADVENTURES OF PIGGLEY WINKS * PBSRick Hinson, supervising sound editorElizabeth Hinson, sound editorJeff Kettle, sound editor

KIM POSSIBLE * DisneyPaca Thomas, supervising sound editorRobbi Smith, supervising dialogue editorMarc Perlman, music editor

XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN * Kids WBTom Syslo, supervising sound editorTimothy J. Borquez, Mpse, supervising sound editorDaisuke Sawa, sound editorDoug Andorka, sound editorEric Freeman, sound editorRoy Braverman, sound editorJeff Hutchins, sound editorBrian Mars, sound editorMark Howlett, sound editorMark Keatts, dialogue editorMark Keefer, dialogue editorKerry K. Brody, dialogue editor

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing - Live Action and Animation115TH ROSE PARADE * CBSChristopher Maddalone, production mixerDirk Sciarrotta, production mixer

DORA THE EXPLORER * NickelodeonJuan Aceves, production mixer

KIM POSSIBLE * DisneyMelissa Ellis, re-recording mixerFil Brown, re-recording mixer

SESAME STREET * PBSBlake Norton, production mixerBob Schott, re-recording mixerDick Maitland, re-recording mixerCarla Bandini-Lory, re-recording mixer

ZOOM * PBSChristopher Allan, production mixerDan Lesiw, re-recording mixer

Outstanding Writing In A Children's SeriesBLUES CLUES * Nickelodeon Adam Peltzman, head writerJeff Borkin, writerAngela C. Santomero, writer

POSTCARDS FROM BUSTER * PBSStephanie Simpson, head writerGlen Berger, writerBilly Aronson, writer

READING RAINBOW * PBSRonnie Kraus, writerJill Gluckson, writer

SESAME STREET * PBSLou Berger, head writerJudy Freudberg, head writerMolly Boylan, writerAnnie Evans, writerChristine Ferraro, writerTony Geiss, writerEmily Kingsley, writerJoey Mazzarino, writerLuis Santeiro, writerBelinda Ward, writerJohn Weidman, writer

STRANGE DAYS AT BLAKE HOLSEY HIGH * NBCJeff F. King, writerJeffrey Allan Schechter, writerTherese Beaupre, writer

The show will be produced by dick clark prods. It will be produced by Al Schwartz and Barry Adelman, directed by Louis J Horvitz and written by Ken Shapiro and Barry Adelman. Daytime Emmys airs May 20, 2005, on CBS at 9:00 pm (ET) live from Radio City Music Hall. For more information, visit

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