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Kika & Bob Kick Off At MIP-TV

Best known for his live-action/CG animation adaptation of Dutch writer Annie M.G. Schmidts childrens classic MINOES, Flemish director Vincent Bal is turning his hand to animation to make interactive childrens series called THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF KIKA AND BOB.

The show follows the chaotic around-the-world trip of a smart, little girl called Kika and a gentle but clumsy fireman called Bob. One rainy, windy night in the Belgian town of Waterloo, Kikas cat gets stuck on top of the church spire. Kika and Bob try to rescue the cat using a kite.

They get blown to the Amazon. From there they go to Rio. Then they cross the ocean with a cruise ship and end up in Senegal. They try to get home by hiding in someones luggage but its misrouted and ends up in Peru. The journey takes them all over the world but not in any sort of logical order, says Bal.

The filmmaker is writing and directing the series alongside Dutch Colette Bathof. The pair is currently finishing the script. Production is due to start around March.

Dutch interactive production house Submarine spearheaded the project. Antwerp-based DeFamilieJanssen, or DFJ, are putting up some 40% of the budget having boarded the production after the pilot stage. Steve Walsh of U.K. company Evergreen Ent. is selling the film.

I always wanted to be a comic strip artist I even published a comic strip when I was 24-years-old -- but I ended up being a film director, says Bal. Im still interested in comic strips, animation and drawing. I always draw my own storyboards and still read a lot of comic strips. Their plots and crazy twists are a big source of inspiration for me.

DFJ can be found at MIP-TV at booth 11.20.

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