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Kids' WB! orders MAX STEEL

Kids' WB! has ordered 13 episodes of MAX STEEL, a new 3D CGI animated action-adventure half-hour series from SonyPictures Family Entertainment (SPFE) which is set to debut in January 2000.Set in the fictitious suburban city of Del Oro Bay, it centers around MaxSteel, a young international secret agent who was the product of abio-technical accident which infused him with nano-technology giving himbionic abilities. The teenage hi-tech hero is dedicated to protecting theEarth by fighting the most dangerous and sinister mercenary organization,DREAD, and its goal of world domination. Max, who may very well hold thefate of the world in his bionically enhanced hands, lives a double life.His friends know him as Josh McGrath, a typical college student, with apassion for extreme sports, but he secretly travels the world battling evilas Max Steel. The series will be completely CGI, and the cast will includeChristian Campbell as Max Steel; Jacob Vargas as Berto; Shannon Kenny asRachel; Lauren Tom as Laura; Chi McBride as Jefferson Smith; Ed Asner asChuck Marshak; and Keith Szarabajka as Mairot/Psycho. The series isexecutive produced by Richard Raynis (MEN IN BLACK, GODZILLA). Jeff Kline(MEN IN BLACK, GODZILLA, JUMANJI) serves as co-executive producer and GregWeisman (GARGOYLES) is producer. The show will be produced and animated bySony Pictures Family Entertainment for Kids' WB!