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Kid Rhino releases WHAT TO DO, BLUE? and GOODNIGHT BLUE

Kid Rhino has released WHAT TO DO, BLUE?, an audio tape and booklet set. On the tape, the cast of Nickelodeon's BLUE'S CLUES, Steve, Blue and friends, are joined by BLUE'S CLUES co-creator Angela Santomero who reads, WHAT TO DO, BLUE? In the story Blue searches for something to do, while visiting her friends. The booklet allows listeners to read along with Santomero. WHAT TO DO, BLUE? retails in the US for $7.98. Kid Rhino and Nickelodeon will also release BLUE'S CLUES: GOODNIGHT BLUE on November 2, 1999. The album, the third audio release based on Blue's Clues, features newly recorded original music and stories. Starring Steve Burns, the popular live-action host and producer for Blue's Clues, BLUE'S CLUES: GOODNIGHT BLUE takes listeners on a nighttime adventure that gently leads preschoolers to sleep and to have sweet, peaceful dreams. Like all Blue's Clues products, GOODNIGHT BLUE is designed for preschoolers to play along. The suggested retail price is US$13.1998/CD and US$9.1998/cassette.