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Kid Glove, Author James Proimos Create Shorts for Sesame Studios

Produced by Brenda Wooding, ‘The Witch Sisters’ features music by Emily Arrow and the voice of Jan Johns.

Brenda Wooding of Kid Glove and author and illustrator James Proimos created the shorts series ‘The Witch Sisters’ for Sesame Studios.

WASHINGTON -- Kid Glove founder Brenda Wooding and award-winning author, illustrator and animation creator James Proimos have joined forces to produce The Witch Sisters, a series of animated shorts for Sesame Studios.

The Witch Sisters features the adventures of Little Witch, who can’t wait to grow up and be like her sister, Big Witch. Using her magical spelling powers, in each episode Little Witch devises a plan. But, in a comical twist, she spells and misspells various items and images, instantly becoming what she spells in a big “poof.”

Created, designed and written by Proimos, the animated series features original songs composed by Nashville-based children’s musician Emily Arrow and the voice-over talent of Jan Johns.

Available through Sesame Workshop’s Sesame Studios YouTube channel, The Witch Sisters first episode launched March 21, with a new episode releasing each week. The first episode can be seen here:

Proimos is author and illustrator of well over 20 books, including Swim! Swim!, Todd’s TV and New York Times best-selling author Suzanne Collins’ picture book, The Year of the Jungle.

Wooding is the international producer on the new animated feature from Bits Productions of Brazil, Tito and the Birds; executive producer of animated comedy from creator Pedro Eboli, Oswaldo (in production with Birdo Studios and Symbiosys Entertainment); the internationally syndicated Space Racers, produced in collaboration with NASA; and the animated broadcast comedy SheZow created by Obie Scott Wade (produced by Moody Street Kids and Kickstart airing on Discovery Family, Netflix).

Source: Kid Glove

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