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KeenTools Announces FaceBuilder For Blender

New version allows same footage to be used for both creating and tracking models.

KeenTools has announced the release of FaceBuilder for Blender.  The release comes after several months of open beta testing by the Blender community, whose feedback provided valuable information allowing for the software’s fine tuning and full release.

In 2017, KeenTools made its market debut with GeoTracker for Foundry’s Nuke, providing simple and effective object tracking. That first plugin led to other product development for Nuke, such as FaceBuilder and FaceTracker, which allow users to create a face model based on a few photos, then track it without specialized tracking software and tracking skills.

FaceBuilder previously required photographs with a neutral face, limiting the application. The new release removes this obstacle; now the same footage can be used for creating a model and tracking it, even if there’s no frame with a neutral expression. Though the results are not as precise as with the neutral expression photos, it’s much better than adapting a neutral model to a smiling face. In the new version, users will find support for facial expressions, photography rotation, and many more improvements. The model created in Blender is fully compatible with FaceTracker in Nuke if the topology is kept intact.

KeenTools offers 15-day trial terms for their products with no limitations, no registration required — just download, install and play.

More information is available on the KeenTools website.

Source: KeenTools