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Kaleidoscope and 1stAveMachine Join Forces for Virtual Reality Creation Hub

Production company 1stAveMachine combines resources with VR community and platform Kaleidoscope to focus on producing branded VR content.

With this newly formed alliance, 1stAveMachine’s venerable roster of 30 linear directors will team with Kaleidoscope’s array of 150 artists and directors. Together they will craft VR-centric films, art, games and other engaging experiences for agencies seeking to provide brands with an immersive, innovative style of promotion. “For many brands, VR is a new field, and we are providing a place where that experimentation can happen confidently within a proven pipeline,” 1stAve EP/Partner Sam Penfield explained.

Kaleidoscope artists are known for crafting some of the most award-winning VR experiences, including “Notes on Blindness,” “Butts,” “Chocolate” and “Drawing Room.” Kaleidoscope, originally built a VR arts community and now aims to expand their capabilities and reach by partnering with 1stAveMachine to pioneer VR experiences for brands. “Kaleidoscope’s mission is to give VR creators the resources and support they need to do their best work,” said CEO/Co-Founder René Pinnell. “By partnering with 1stAveMachine, we hope to provide our artists opportunities for great creative projects, and provide agencies with the exciting opportunity to create amazing virtual reality experiences that embody the emotional core of a brand.”

Led by Pinnell, along with 1stAve EP/Head of Content Andrew Geller and EP/Partner Sam Penfield, the newly formed partnership is already at work on a retail experience for a leading VR headset brand, with many more opportunities opening in the process. “We are now set up for full interactive gaming and experiential production, live action and animation narrative projects as well as mobile 360 production,” Geller stated. “We are not focused on any genre in particular, but just want to make killer, award-winning branded VR work.”

1stAveMachine is a mixed media production company and storytelling outfit. They create “video, digital, and experimental content for TV, print, web, and mobile, all with a unified singular vision.” Kaleidoscope showcases finished projects, helps secure funding for future projects and host events around the world that explore the art, science and business of virtual reality. In 2015, Kaleidoscope produced the first Virtual Reality Film Festival.

Source: 1stAveMachine