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Kabillions and Kabillion Girls Rule! Announce New Episodes and Series

‘Lego City Jungle Rumble’ and new episodes of ‘Bobby’s World’ top off summer-themed programming.

The free kid and family-friendly go-to platforms, Kabillion, and Kabillion Girls Rule!, have announced their slate of featured programming and special episodes to keep kids busy and entertained throughout August and September. Seasonal summer episodes include “LEGO City Jungle Rumble,” “Barbie: The Sweetest Journey,” and four new series join the lineup for the first time just in time for back-to-learning.

With animated series Angry Birds and Monster High Ghoul Squad, the school-age set will be racing to finish their schoolwork so they can tune in, while preschoolers can enjoy musical fun and learning with YouTube sensation Little Baby Bum as well as Giligilis. Young viewers can also get into the school groove by having a retro dance party with Dream Defender and joining Bobby as he survives his first day of school in Bobby’s World.

Kabillion and Kabillion Girls Rule! offer quality, age-appropriate entertainment for kids, and are available on-demand on most cable and satellite services and streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Sling, and XUMO. Also offered is a Freebies section with printable/downloadable word searches and coloring pages featuring characters and scenes from various series.

Kabillion and Kabillion Girls Rule! – Featured Summer and Back to School Programming  

Summertime-themed episodes for August:

On Kabillion:


  • “City Jungle Rumble #1” - LEGO explorers go into the jungle trying to track a panther but just seem to keep finding danger around every corner.
  • “City Jungle Rumble #2” - The summer adventure continues in the hot jungle as the Lego team explores the deepest, darkest part of the jungle.
  • “City Jungle Rumble #3” - The explorers find it’s time to get out, or run for their lives, in the conclusion of Jungle Rumble. 


  • “We All Scream for Ice Cream” - CP Punk brawls with Damien Sandow over the value of wisdom versus ice cream.
  • “Sundae in The Park With Punk” - CM Punk accidentally spills onto the Miz's pristine business suit, and a battle over who should pay the dry-cleaning bill ensues.

On Kabillion Girls Rule!:

Bobby’s World:

  • “Fish Tales” - It is summer camping time as the Generics go camping in Canada!
  • “Beach Blanket Bobby” - Uncle Ted takes the family out on his pride and glory, his very own new boat. Things get a little bit crazy as the family becomes castaways.
  • “See America Last” - The family goes on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, the trip does not go as smoothly as Bobby’s dad thought it would.
  • “Swim by Me” - When Derek saves Bobby from drowning during his first visit to the public pool, two things happen: Derek becomes Bobby's unwilling hero, and Martha declares that Bobby shall have swimming lessons. 


  • “A Camping We Will Go!” - Chloe and friends encounter a “scary monster” while camping, but he turns out to be a very small, very loud bullfrog!


  • “The Sweetest Journey” - It is a summer hike with Barbie and Chelsea, but Chelsea runs ahead as Barbie takes her own sweet time.

Back to School:

Featured programming throughout August and September, including:

On Kabillion:

Dream Defender:

  • “I Walked with Teacher” - Bumbling engineers NODD and DRUUL devotedly serve evil Icela. They invent a sleep field generator that will isolate and track down the two human invaders, Zane and Zoey, who keep entering the dreamworlds and foiling Icela’s plans. Zane and Zoey must destroy a zombified Coach Stubble’s Momok monster (who is controlling him) before Stubble completes building the generator and uses it to wreak havoc in the real world.
  • “Patel Mans Up” - Patel has always been bad at gym class, yet in his nightmares, he is faster and stronger, especially when fleeing his nightmare monsters. So, when Zane suggests taking the test while dreamwalking, Patel takes it seriously and gets himself captured!
  • “Dancing with the ‘80s” - When Zane and Zoey's class have a “retro 1980s” dance party, a Dreamwalking Ms. Bunsen starts to trash the place. The twins must unravel why a horrifying DiscoMomok has snagged Ms. Bunsen’s Dreamer, who appears 14 years old in her dream.

Nexo Knights:

  • “Back to School” - The Nexo Knights return to the Knights Academy partly to get reeducated under the headmaster Sir Bricklyn and partly because Jestro and the Book of Monsters are after another spell book that is located there.


  • Cafeteria Chaos” - Santino Marella arrives to try to take Kane’s job as chef, but the Big Red Monster won’t give up his post so easily.
  • “Hot Enough For Ya?” - Kane Serves up meatloaf to a bratty kid who wants his lunch a little hotter than usual.  The Devil's favorite Demon is more than happy to oblige!

Wild Grinders:

  • Good Dog, Bad Dog Academy” - Meaty is sent to obedience school and a surprised Lil Rob is forced to attend with him. The school is run by a crazed drill sergeant named Shultz, who makes life miserable for Meaty and Lil Rob, until Lil Rob decides to take things into his own hands and teach Shultz a few lessons about enjoying life.
  • “School Daze” - Lil Rob hatches a plan that will get him out of school and give him more time to skate at the Lot. He convinces Gene and Patty that he should be home schooled, thinking one of them will be his teacher and he'll be able to cruise through the day. But Lil Rob's plan goes awry when he shows up for his first day of home schooling and is greeted by his new teacher,Denise.

On Kabillion Girls Rule!:

Bobby’s World:

  • “Total Recess” - One man, a new beginning, and kids running around like wild animals. How will Bobby survive his first day of preschool? What time does recess start?!
  • “The Play's the Thing” - Bobby and the kids are performing a play, but Bobby thinks it`s fun when it really isn`t.
  • “No Sale” - Bobby tries to sell the most candy in the school candy sale so he can win pair of skates.

Chloe’s Closet:

  • “Preschool Musical” - Chloe and Jet start out as a pop star duo but find out that the more, the merrier when it comes to having fun! 

LEGO Friends:

  • “Dolphin Cruise” - Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea, Mia, and Emma enter a science contest at school and win a trip on a luxury yacht, but not everything goes as planned when they set out to sea.


  • “Ice Giant for Tea” - Sabrina has to perform in a school play on the same night that she has a test in Witch World.
  • “Chariots of Fear” - While Sabrina and Shinji journey through Witch World, Hilda stands in for Sabrina at Greendale High.

Source: Kabillions