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Just A Pilgrim To Film

Los Angeles-based film production and management company Catch 23 Entertainment has acquired the worldwide film rights to JUST A PILGRIM, the comic book created by Garth Ennis, creator of PREACHER and writer of PUNISHER. Marc Danon, Catch 23 vice president of production and acquisitions, brought JUST A PILGRIM to Catch 23. Danon, who previously handled the development of the Marvel comic book franchise at Artisan Entertainment, will oversee the project. Catch 23 will immediately begin to package and develop the property. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, where the sun has begun to die and the oceans have dried up, JUST A PILGRIM centers on a mysterious and deeply religious former Green Beret, Pilgrim, who quotes scripture while dispensing harsh judgment on the unholy and unrepentant, as he leads a rag-tag group of refugees to safety. JUST A PILGRIM debuted in March 2001 and has sold more than 230,000 copies. The second series, JUST A PILGRIM: GARDEN OF EDEN, premieres in March 2002. Catch 23 Entertainment has secured a domestic distribution deal with Universal Pictures.