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The June Issue Of Animation World Magazine Is Now On-Line!

This Month: Summers Greatest Hits

This month Animation World Magazine is featuring profiles of the summers biggest animated films like Disneys monster budgeted, "Dinosaur," Foxs "Titan, A.E." and Aardmans "Chicken Run." Wendy Jackson talks with some of the animators behind "Dinosaur" and Larry Lauria presents the first part of a two part chat with Gary Goldman and Don Bluth, the animation team behind the long-awaited "Titan, A.E." Andrew Osmond went behind the scenes of "Chicken Run," with an exciting trip to the Aardman studios. While Mark Evanier pays tribute to June Foray as Rocky and Bullwinkle hit the big screen.

We are also featuring three articles on commercials: J. Paul Peszko profiles the digital cars created by Digital Domain for General Motors; Karen Raugust finds out a little more about how advertising is creeping into some of our favorite Webisodes; and Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman ponders why political candidates dont use animation in their ad campaigns.

As if that isnt enough...we are also kicking off a very exciting series of articles involving the new CGI film "Caspers Haunted Christmas." In other features we are showcasing a special historical profile of the Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films by Borivoj Dovnikovic, who has been involved with the festival since its inception. Glenn Vilppu starts a new series of articles based on his new book about sketching on location, while Fred Patten looks at all the incarnations of Kimba, the White Lion.

Of course, theres even more like Internet company profiles and a review of E3 so go to the complete Table of Contents at