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Journey Through the Cosmos with Thomas Lynch III’s ‘When I Was at Peace’

Watch, and get ready to vibe, as psychedelic band ‘Circles Around the Sun’ teams up with the galactic ‘The Midnight Gospel’ animator to create this summer’s funkiest music video.

Get ready to vibe. The summer’s newest funky jam, When I Was at Peace, dropped on YouTube on August 13th and it’s an animated 70s-style psychedelic dreamscape. The song is from the 2019 EP, Circles Around the Sun w/ Joe Russo, born from an impromptu improvised recording session with, you guessed it, drummer Joe Russo. The EP joins Circles Around the Sun’s larger body of nostalgic psychedelia, known for its easy listening and colorful imagery. The vibrant, galactic short was animated by Thomas Lynch III, also known for his far-out work on The Midnight Gospel, The Regular Show, and Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Lynch describes the video as, “a journey through the cosmos to view the creation of spacetime singularly.” Experience the video below:

The group is no stranger to animated music videos. Their combination of live-action shots and hand drawn 2D animations bring the music to a whole new mind-expanding level. Be sure to check out the group’s other animated music videos on their YouTube channel.

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