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Joseph Gordon-Levitt May be Joining the MCU

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ actor may be negotiating a mystery role in Marvel’s Phase 4 or 5, a tip that comes suspiciously close to Shia LaBeouf’s axing from casting consideration.

Out of one comic book universe and into another! Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played Blake (aka Robin) in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and was cheated out of his own trilogy, may now be in talks with Marvel. Apparently, he is negotiating for a role in the MCU’s Phase 4 or 5, depending on the character. This news comes suspiciously close to the recent announcement that Shia LaBeouf was axed from a Marvel role, and the pair do seem like they could serve as the same “type.” Was LaBeouf’s loss Gordon-Levitt’s gain?

While JGL was the unsuccessful fan-cast for Marc Spector from Moon Knight (who is being played by Oscar Isaac), we have no idea what role he may now be up for. He could be the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, a member of any new X-Men films, or even Nova, whose film has long been rumored to be in development. Who do you want to see JGL portray in the MCU? Or should he remain in the realm of regular, yet very attractive, humans?

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