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Joinery's weareflink Pumps It Up for Reebok

New global campaign from weareflink features a powerful mix of organic and effects-driven work demonstrating the latest technology developed by Reebok for its ZPump Fusion 2.0 sneakers.

LOS ANGELES, CA -- weareflink, represented by Joinery, has released new campaign work for global athletic footwear and apparel company Reebok that powerfully conveys new design technology created for the ZPump Fusion 2.0 athletic shoes. In order to highlight the innovative features of their new running shoe Z Pump 2.0, Reebok tapped weareflink to create a visceral and hypnotic piece that mixes live action and animation to great effect.

A legacy brand since the late ‘80s, Reebok’s Pump technology has now been dramatically improved with the release of the ZPump 2.0. Matt McLaughlin, Reebok’s Director of Production, admits it became a difficult challenge to decipher the best way of conveying the company's new Pump technology to audiences worldwide.

“It became a tricky proposition,” says McLaughlin on finding the appropriate campaign dynamics to highlight the benefits of wearing the ZPump Fusion 2.0's. “It’s tough to highlight a shoe’s technology without romanticizing everything. We had to illustrate how the shoes were designed to create a powerful, customized fit for anybody that gets to slip them on.”

weareflink entered the bidding process late, but quickly caught Reebok’s attention. “We examined the shoes and decided not to illustrate the Pump technology itself, but rather the feeling of wearing that technology,” commented weareflink executive producer Andreas Lampe.

“weareflink pitched a powerful concept using organic metaphors from nature to highlight the technology,” explained McLaughlin. “This was exciting because it allowed us to show the ZPump 2.0’s in a highly visual, very unique and truly engaging way. There is a feeling of sturdiness and support that comes with wearing the shoes that weareflink emphasize so beautifully in their work. They helped bring a sophisticated look and feel to the campaign that rises above other work in this category.”

weareflink’s work is set to be released across 120 markets worldwide, featured in cinema screening, online, and in Reebok stores worldwide. The work is the latest in Reebok’s continued “Be More Human” brand campaign, a rally cry that urges consumers to take on physical activity and experience healthier lifestyles. The work also continues to promote the company as an experiential brand, returning Reebok to its fitness roots

“From a pure fitness perspective, the quality of our product has never been better,” concluded McLaughlin on Reebok's road ahead. “We continue to speak out with an authentic voice, communicating with inspirational work and products that inspire people to follow healthy, happy lifestyles.”

Source: weareflink