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Join PNY and NVIDIA’s ‘Revolutionizing 3D Workflows with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise’ Webinar

This free presentation on November 17 will showcase how companies can address remote and hybrid work challenges with NVIDIA’s new real-time collaboration and simulation platform, Omniverse Enterprise; PNY is also hosting a series of Omniverse Enterprise sessions at GTC 2021, NVIDIA’s free digital conference running November 8-11. 

PNY and NVIDIA have just announced their upcoming “Revolutionizing 3D Workflows with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise” one-hour webinar set for November 17 and registration is free to attend.

Hosted by Madison Huang, Omniverse Product Marketing Manager at NVIDIA, the webinar and live Q&A session will explain how NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) and NVIDIA RTX technology, helps companies address remote and hybrid work challenges and enter a new era of real-time collaborative 3D design pipelines.

In addition, at NVIDIA’s upcoming GTC 2021 free digital conference, running November 8-11, PNY will host three sessions that each take a deep dive into NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise. Session details are provided below, or by clicking here.

One Platform Across Any Infrastructure

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is the world’s first simulation and collaboration platform that is fundamentally transforming complex 3D design workflows. Starting later in 2021, the Omniverse Enterprise platform subscription will be available through NVIDIA’s global partner network, which includes PNY.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise makes it possible for designers, artists, and reviewers to work together from anywhere in real-time across leading software applications in a shared virtual world.  The rise of remote work, globally spread teams, an explosion in the number of often incompatible software tools, and the demand for compute-heavy technologies makes design collaboration exponentially harder.

This past August, NVIDIA announced a major expansion of NVIDIA Omniverse through new integrations with Blender and Adobe that will open the innovative system up to millions more users.

Based on Pixar’s Open Source USD

Key to Omniverse’s industry support is Pixar’s open-source USD — the foundation of Omniverse’s collaboration and simulation platform — enabling large teams to work simultaneously across multiple software applications on a shared 3D scene. This open standard framework gives software partners multiple ways to extend and connect to Omniverse, whether through USD adoption and support, or building a plugin, or via an Omniverse Connector or Extension.

See how NVIDIA’s collaboration platform is transforming creative industries:

The film, television, and broadcast industries are undergoing rapid change as new production pipelines emerge to address the growing demand for high-quality content from a globally distributed workforce. Additionally, new streaming services are creating the need for constant releases and refreshes to satisfy a growing subscriber base. NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise gives design teams the ability to create, iterate, and collaborate on assets using a variety of creative applications to deliver real-time results. Artists can focus on maximizing iterations without having to endure long render times to achieve high-quality results.

These creations can then be taken into the physical world after they have been perfected in the digital world.

M&E Use Cases for Omniverse

- Initial Concept Design - Artists can quickly develop and refine conceptual ideas to bring the director’s vision to life.

- Gaining a Competitive Edge - Visual art departments can produce innovative ideas swiftly, with infinite iterations at no opportunity cost, to meet bid deadlines, win new projects, and maximize profitability.

- Real-Time Dailies - Remote teams and supervisors can review beautiful, photorealistic shots from almost any device. This lets them convey ideas effectively, reduce the number of review cycles, keep projects on track, and accelerate the path to approvals.

- Global Collaboration - Globally dispersed content teams with a broad range of disciplines can now collaborate and communicate easier than ever, increasing creative flow across departments.

- Virtual Production - With the move to shoot visual effects in-camera on virtual production stages, visual art departments can collaborate directly with the set and make directorial edits in real-time.

- Easily Connect Your Workforce - Give employees the freedom to collaborate from anywhere and access fully 3D-capable virtual workstations.

Join PNY at NVIDIA’s GTC 2021

At GTC 2021, PNY will host three sessions that take a deep dive into NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise:

Get Started with NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA EGX Platform for Versatile and Scalable GPU Computing

New NVIDIA Solutions for Essential Markets

Registration for this November’s NVIDIA GTC 2021 conference is free and gives you access to both live and recorded sessions, research posters, interactive panels, demos, podcasts, technical sessions, and more. PNY and NVIDIA strongly encourage anyone interested in the latest GPU-based solutions, use cases, benefits and features, breakthrough research, and exciting product announcements to attend GTC 2021!

Source: PNY

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