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Join NVIDIA Omniverse and Adobe Substance 3D Material Manipulation Session at NVIDIA GTC

March 23 presentation, ‘New Approach to Fashion Design with Adobe Substance 3D and NVIDIA Omniverse,’ will showcase new tools that make it easier than ever to create and modify fabrics.

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference, running March 21-24, dedicated to subjects ranging from the power of AI to the collaborative virtual worlds of NVIDIA Omniverse, got underway today. The four-day conference provides a unique opportunity to connect with experts, network with peers, and discover the technological advancements and groundbreaking research that are making it possible to take on the world’s greatest challenges.

One of the upcoming special programs especially relevant to the animation, VFX and gaming space is  “A New Approach to Fashion Design with Adobe Substance 3D and NVIDIA Omniverse” that offers participants an in-depth look at new tools that make it easier than ever to work with digital fabrics. Presented by Senior 3D Artist Rob Bryant, Jr., and Adobe’s Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, Pierre Maheut, the hands-on session will explore the new release of Substance 3D Material Extension, which is designed to enhance creator workflows, especially when it comes to exploring and iterating on materials, and texturing 3D assets.

The session will include a hands-on demo by Rob, who will show his material creation and visualization process in the context of fashion design, introduced by Pierre, who will showcase Substance 3D’s approach to the topic as well as Adobe’s collaboration with NVIDIA.

From scanning of real-world fabrics, to creating tileable textures, eliminating seams, and adding details such as wrinkles and weathering, Adobe Substance3D’s tools, in combination with NVIDIA’s Omniverse real-time 3D design collaboration and simulation platform, available free for RTX creators, makes the creation and manipulation of an infinite variety of fabrics highly efficient and thoroughly intuitive. In a collaborative, real-time rendered environment.

Listen as Rob shares what’s coming March 23:

While the Adobe Substance 3D technology has previously been a leading solution for the gaming industry, the new tools provide enhanced design capabilities for artists collaborating across Film and Animation, Design, Fashion and Architecture as well.

Moreover, the Adobe Substance 3D assets library now combines 3D materials, 3D models and 3D lighting environments, and can handle up to 13,000 assets. With a wide range of ready-to-use assets, the system is a great way to prototype new material ideas.

Adobe Substance 3D facilitates the move from traditional, physical materials prototyping to virtual prototyping. Designers can not only move away from historically time, resource, and energy consuming efforts, but move towards unlimited variations and updates in their work, iterating in hours on what previously took days.

Substance 3D material authoring tools are now integrated with the NVIDIA Omniverse platform. You can harness the power of procedural textures – adjustments to the values of materials are updated in real-time. There’s now SBSAR materials format direct edit support in Omniverse; you can also import textures from Substance 3D Asset Library and apply to models in OV Create.

In addition, the new releases make it simple to leverage the ecosystem of Adobe creative cloud tools, such as Illustrator and Photoshop. You can open Adobe Illustrator directly from Adobe Substance 3D Sampler, modify your sources, and immediately see the impact on your 3D materials. It’s also simple to go back and forth between the 2D and 3D design in order to achieve your goals. Everything is incredibly smooth and streamlined, ensuring that you can iterate with optimal speed and creativity.

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference takes place March 21–24. “A New Approach to Fashion Design with Adobe Substance 3D and NVIDIA Omniverse” will be presented Wednesday, March 23, 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM PDT. Visit the GTC website to register for the conference and sign up for the workshop.

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