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Johnny Depp Wanted Amber Heard Axed from ‘Aquaman’

According to an extensive Hollywood Reporter piece, the reign of terror stemming from Depp and Heard’s divorce may be more double-sided than originally thought, with both parties trying to get the other fired from high profile films.

Luck has not been on Johnny Depp’s side for years, it seems. It has recently come to light that before Depp was pulled from Fantastic Beasts 3, he actually tried to get Heard removed from Aquaman. While this seems like a petty move, Heard has been doing the same to Depp, but with much more success. She may even be joining the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, to the ire of Depp fans everywhere.

According to a new exposé over at The Hollywood Reporter, Depp asked his sister Christi Dembrowski, a producer at Warner Bros. at the time, to have Heard “replaced on the WB film.” This was at the height of his career, before abuse allegations truly began flying, so it is surprising he didn’t get his wish. It also puts the actor in a much different, more insidious light, as he has been painted an innocent victim by fans after evidence was revealed that Heard may have been the real abuser.  

Perhaps Depp will receive his retribution if Heard is pulled from Aquaman 2 thanks to the fact that one petition to get her fired is now at almost two million signatures.

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