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‘John Wick’ Writer to Pen ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Series

Following news of a ‘D&D’ movie, a TV series is now also in development, although plot information is still under wraps.

The movie biz continues to experience a serious nerd takeover. Comic book superheroes and video-game adaptations abound on the silver screen, and now even Dungeons & Dragons is getting its day in the sun. After being glorified in Stranger Things, granting its revival in the newest generation of children (and adults), the essential geek tabletop role playing game is getting a movie with Paramount, and now, a series.

The Hollywood Reporter recently broke the news that John Wick writer Derek Kolstad has been selected to pen a pitch for a live-action D&D TV show, although any plot information is still firmly under wraps.

For those that aren’t familiar with the game, a “party” of players each creates characters of different races, skills, and talents to adventure through a fantasy land crafted by the Dungeon Master. After its inception in 1974, the game has gone through many upgrades and iterations, even integrating popular franchises such as The Walking Dead and Rick and Morty.

While other attempts at televising the fantasy game have ended quite terribly, the time might now be right for a revival. When it comes to a D&D series, the sky is most definitely not the limit.

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