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John K Plays It Cool With Icebox

Icebox, Inc., an original Web-based animated content destination, has signed an exclusive three-year agreement with REN & STIMPY creator John Kricfalusi. As part of the agreement, Icebox will commission and air three new Kricfalusi series and will be the exclusive Web home for Spumco entertainment which includes the GODDAMN GEORGE LIQUOR PROGRAM. In addition, Icebox will serve as the exclusive Internet distribution outlet for, the new on-line animation network founded by Kricfalusi. Run entirely by cartoonists, will feature original animated programs from the top cartoonists in the world. Currently, the new Net-work has four additional series slated for production. "I'm excited to finally get the chance to use my ideas on my own network and to produce the kinds of cartoons the audience has begged me for since we left REN AND STIMPY," said Kricfalusi. "Working with Icebox is the perfect opportunity to try new things and advance the art of animation. I believe we will spark a new renaissance in cartoons, much like the progress that happened in Hollywood animation in the 1930s when the art was controlled by creative artists like Bob Clampett and Walt Disney." Kricfalusi and Spumco were among the original fathers of Internet animation. Icebox was co-founded by CEO Steve Stanford, founder of the New Technology division at International Creative Management (ICM), John Collier, co-Executive Producer of KING OF THE HILL, Howard Gordon, former Executive Producer of THE X-FILES, and Rob LaZebnik, co-Executive Producer of THE SIMPSONS. Current, Icebox President Gary Levine has headed primetime series development at Warner Bros., ABC and Witt-Thomas Productions. "We are excited to add John Kricfalusi, a true innovator and the pioneer in animation on the Web, to the growing roster of Hollywood creative talent developing series for Icebox," said Stanford. "John revolutionized animation when he created the outrageous REN AND STIMPY SHOW. Our partnership with John and his RealCartoons Network reinforces Icebox's position as the undisputed leader in original animation on the Internet. There is no site that comes close to matching the number or quality of our creative partners." No site comes close? Shockwaves team includes SOUTH PARK creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, comic book legend Stan Lee, NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS director Tim Burton, THE SIMPSONS executive producer and Oscar winning director James L. Brooks, popular game show host Ben Stein, Internet animation pioneer Joe Shields, Oscar nominated director David Lynch and DR. KATZ creators Tom Snyder Productions. Looks like a race to us!

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