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Johannes Leonardo Animates History of Motion for VW ID.4 Electric SUV

Agency spot, ‘The Wheel,’ for the upcoming Volkswagen vehicle launch was produced in a single shot and uses real Zoetropes to beautifully illustrate progressive stages of transportation.

Creative agency Johannes Leonardo has shared with AWN their beautiful new 90 second spot, The Wheel, for Volkswagen’s upcoming ID.4 electric SUV launch. The piece reflects on the history and evolution of transportation with one clear message - progress isn’t made until it’s made for everyone.

Designed within the context of other great evolutions in mobility and transportation, the layout of the film is representative of the “stages of man” — each phase growing gently in size and complexity to indicate an era of transportation and subsequent mass adoption.

According to the agency, everything in the film was shot practically and in one take. All the Zoetropes and related devices, including a phenakistiscope (the first device that produced animation through the illusion of motion), were constructed from scratch to lend a hand-crafted and genuine feel. The commercial uses animation techniques that harness sequences of hand-drawn illustrations, vintage photographs, and unique animations to both give the illusion and history of motion.

Source: Johannes Leonardo

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