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Jetix Europe, SIP Animation & TF1 to Co-Produce Combo Ninos

Jetix Europe's latest co-production is animated action/comedy series, COMBO NINOS. Done in close collaboration with the French production house SIP Animation and TF1, COMBO NINOS is designed to appeal to kids 6-10 and will debut on Jetix Europeâs channels in Aug. 2008.

Combo Ninos are four kids who can transform themselves into animal-inspired superheroes. Serio turns into a jaguar, Paco turns into a bull, Pilar turns into an iguana, and Azul turns into an eagle. Using their magical skills, together with Capoeira-inspired moves, they must protect their beautiful ancient city, Nova Nizza from the mischievous, madcap Divinos, who are immortals from another dimension intent on wreaking havoc in Nova Nizza.

There are more than 20 different Divinos, such as Insecto Gigante, a tiny bug, Divino with a big personality, whoâs determined to have insects rule over humans and El Gecko, an artist Divino who wants to use the entire city as his canvas!

The animation includes richly detailed landscapes and scenery, inspired by a mixture of different ancient Latin American civilizations. Capoeira is a non-contact dance-like martial art, providing the basis of the fast-paced moves of the Combo Niños, who have to practice in secret to protect their true identities.

Jetix Europe holds the TV distribution rights and home video & consumer product rights for the series across Europe. Disneyâs Buena Vista International Television will service the distribution of its television rights to COMBO NINOS and will launch the 26x30 series at MIPCOM Junior in October 2007.

âCOMBO NINOS brings a refreshing, new flavor to the action/comedy in the Jetix portfolio," said Marc Buhaj, svp, programming, Jetix Europ. "I also wish that one day my Capoeira skills become as good as those of our Combo Nños!â

Jetix Europe ( is majority owned by The Walt Disney Co. Its 14 Jetix television channels entertain kids 6-14 in 58 countries and 18 languages, reaching more than 48 million households across Europe and the Middle East with content tailored to suit local markets. In addition, the company has launched GXT, a pay-TV channel in Italy, targeting teenage boys. Jetix Europe is part of the global Jetix kidsâ entertainment alliance launched by Jetix Europe and The Walt Disney Co. (ABC Cable Networks Group and Jetix Latin America) in 2004. Through the alliance Jetix reaches more than 289 million television households in 80 countries and 25 languages worldwide.

Created in 1978 in La Garenne Colombes, France, SIP Animation ( has been a major player in the world of animated television series in Europe, producing some 750 half-hour episodes representing more than 20 television series in co-production with major European and American networks. SIP is open to developing a wider variety of genres and formats for a larger range of youth audiences eager to explore the latest in animation techniques while collaborating with new creative talent active on the European animation scene today. Jacqueline Tordjman has headed the company since its creation, while Stephanie Kirchmeyer is md.