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Jellyfish Pictures Announces Partnership with Jollywise

Award-winning companies to produce children’s animation ‘Stan & Gran.’

Jellyfish Pictures and Jollywise have joined forces to produce the preschool series 'Stan & Gran.'

LONDON -- BAFTA-winning production studio Jellyfish Pictures has partnered with digital production company Jollywise to create a CGI animated bridging series, Stan & Gran.

Both businesses are award-winning creators of children’s content and the partners will present the show with full bible, 3D modelling and script by Myles McCleod and Evgenia Goluba at Kidscreen Summit Feb. 12-15 in Miami.

The show follows the unlikely adventures of Stan, his muscle-bound gran, and his trusty AI-powered binoculars, LARA, as they uncover odd goings on in their coastal town. In addition to the linear TV show, Stan & Gran has a full 360-degree brand expansion plan devised by Jollywise.

Stan & Gran has been co-developed from an original concept by Jollywise founder Jon Mason and designed by fine artist Daz Butcher. Taking the original designs into 3D, Jellyfish Pictures will be the production and main distribution partner. Jollywise, as the main creator, will continue to work on show creatively and implement the full digital strategy.

 “We are delighted to be partnering with Jollywise on this fantastic new adventure series for preschoolers,” says Phil Dobree, CEO, Jellyfish Pictures. “The talent and creative vision behind the show is second to none, and we can’t wait for our award-winning creative and animation team to bring this original series to life!”

 "I spent a lot of time with my gran as a kid, she was fearless, and amazing, and now my kids spend a lot of time with theirs,” says Mason. “Stan & Gran is a love letter to that special relationship."

Source: Jellyfish Pictures

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