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Jaunt China and Beijing Film Academy Partner on Cinematic VR Lab

Groundbreaking VR lab and incubator to be the first of its kind in China.

BEIJING – Jaunt China, an industry leader in cinematic virtual reality, and the Beijing Film Academy, China’s first and foremost film school, jointly announced the formation of the Beijing Film Academy Digital Media School's Jaunt China Cinematic VR Lab, the first VR lab and incubator of its kind in China. As part of the academic and industry partnership, Jaunt China will make available its award-winning Jaunt ONE cinematic virtual reality cameras and provide access to its suite of cloud-based workflow tools for VR production and playback. Beijing Film Academy Digital Media School faculty, students and visiting experts will partner with Jaunt China on future research, curriculum development, production projects and internships.

Sun Lijun, vice president of the Beijing Film Academy, remarked, “AR, VR, MR and other digital technologies will lead to a new era of cinema. The Digital Media School's Cinematic VR Lab can further facilitate the synthesis of science and art at the Beijing Film Academy. This lab will be a platform that allows young students to explore what future film forms can be, rather than focus on the current Chinese market obsession with traditional film genres and box office numbers. I believe that the diversification of the American entertainment industry - particularly with respect to interactivity and gamification -- will definitely disrupt the creative aesthetics of films and the traditional way of experiencing them.”

“The Beijing Film Academy is China's first and foremost film school, with a history of many famous filmmakers. At the Beijing Film Academy, art and technology have always converged in powerful, entertaining ways,” observed Kevin Geiger, vice dean of the Beijing Film Academy's Digital Media School. “Our new Digital Media School will prepare China's next generation of content creators with a world-class program. As a key part of this program, we are pleased to partner with Jaunt China in the establishment of the Beijing Film Academy's Jaunt China Cinematic VR Lab, which will be a hub of innovative immersive content creation in China, for the world.”

Through the Jaunt China Cinematic VR Lab, led by Mr. Geiger, students will develop and hone their VR storytelling and production skills while working with leading experts in the field. The program will explore cutting-edge production methodologies and support the creation of original cinematic VR experiences aimed at expanding the current boundaries of the medium. Using cameras, tools and know-how provided by Jaunt China, students will create imaginative and immersive VR experiences, unlocking the potential of their visions.

“VR is a groundbreaking new medium for filmmakers to express their creativity and artistry in fully-immersive worlds,” says James Fong, CEO of Jaunt China. “Jaunt China strives to serve as the definitive incubator for aspiring VR artists, filmmakers and creators in China, and we are honored to be partnering with the BFA Digital Media School to help nurture and mold the next generation of Chinese VR filmmakers and visionaries.”

In addition to content creation, the Jaunt China Cinematic VR Lab will support the foundation of industry-wide content production techniques and help establish a standard visual language for cinematic VR storytelling. By collaborating with the creative talent at the Beijing Film Academy, the Jaunt China Cinematic VR Lab will play a significant role in defining best practices for cinematic VR, while encouraging students and researchers to explore immersive storytelling and new forms of creative expression for audiences to embrace.

Source: Beijing Film Academy's Digital Media School