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Jar Jar Binks May Return in Disney+ ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Series

The clumsy Gungan is rumored to sport a beard, but fans would much rather see him revealed as Darth Jar Jar.

We’ve been trying to ignore this one. We really have. But we can’t keep silent any longer: Jar Jar Binks may be coming back to a small screen near you, via the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ series. And he could have a beard, apparently. Isn’t he supposed to be aquatic?

While the choice to bring back everyone’s least favorite Gungan is sure to be divisive, it has the potential to be very exciting. A popular fan theory, that George Lucas has avoided but never denied, is that Binks is actually a very power Sith lord, heavily responsible for the events of the prequel series. Creature actor Ahmed Best even hints at the truth behind “Darth Jar Jar.”

Talented fan Kevin Cassidy was inspired by the circling rumors, and created possibly the best rendering of the clumsy creature we have ever seen. If Binks does make a reappearance in the Star Wars cinematic universe, they should hire this guy.

We would be thrilled to see the character return like this, in all his Darthy goodness. Just no beard, ok?

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