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JAMM Hires CG Supervisor Brian Burke

Santa Monica-based visual effects creative studio adds Method veteran to its roster.

Santa Monica-based JAMM announced that it has hired CG supervisor Brian Burke.

Burke began creating CG in grade school and developed a passion for the medium. He spent almost a decade honing his skills at Method Studios, where he worked on CG for commercials and feature films, earning a collection of VES Award nominations and HPA Awards along the way.

After leaving his post at Method, Burke spent a year traveling. When he returned from his sojourn, he says that his “very first call was to Andy Boyd at JAMM.”

Burke had worked with VFX supervisor Andy Boyd in the past, having collaborated on high-profile projects including Super Bowl spots for Bridgestone and Kia, and the Sundance-nominated Spike Jonze short film I’m Here. In late 2014, Boyd joined forces with VFX supervisor Jake Montgomery and executive producer Asher Edwards to open JAMM.

“I heard plenty about the cool CG-centric projects they had going on and was super inspired by the independent vibe that JAMM has cultivated,” says Burke. “The on-the-box mentality that Jake and Andy bring to the table as VFX supervisors is the foundation of an incredibly creative crew and work environment that I’m excited to be a part of.”

“I worked with Brian for many years before opening JAMM,” said Boyd. “The combination of Brian’s unbelievable eye for detail and an amazing technical knowledge makes him one of the best 3D artists in the industry today.”

In the commercial sector Burke has contributed to Dante Ariola’s surreal GE commercial “Childlike Imagination,” Gary Shore’s epic spot for “Game of War” and Henry Hobson’s “The Hunt Begins” trailer for “Halo 5: Guardians.”

In the features realm, Burke has served both as a lead CG artist and as CG Supervisor. Mostly working in effects, look development, lighting and CG compositing, Burke led the Method LA team to deliver visual effects sequences for Marvel films, including The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Iron Man 3.

Source: JAMM