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Jakers Leads Daytime Emmy Noms For Toons

Today (Feb. 8, 2006) the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 33rd annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Disneys KIM Possible garnered five nominations, leading all other animated fare, including a nod for Outstanding Children's Animated Program. JAKERS! THE ADVENTURES OF PIGGLEY WINKS garnered four nominations, leading all other animated fare, including a nod for Outstanding Children's Animated Program.

Kids' WB! Shows THE BATMAN and COCONUT FRED'S FRUIT SALAD ISLAND! shared two nominations each, as did Nick's DORA THE EXPLORER and Cartoon Network's BABY LOONEY TUNES.

Animation studios leading the nominations are Warner Bros. Animation with nine nominations for six shows (THE BATMAN, BABY LOONEY TUNES, JOHNNY TEST, LOONATICS UNLEASHED, XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN and FRED'S FRUIT SALAD ISLAND! and Mike Young Prods. with six nods for four shows (JAKERS! THE ADVENTURES OF PIGGLEY WINKS, CLIFFORD'S PUPPY DAYS, PET ALIEN and TODD WORLD).

Toons again dominate the sound-editing category, which encompasses all daytime animated and live-action series.

The announcement was made live on ABC Daytime's THE VIEW, hosted by Barbara Walters, Meredith Vieira, Star Jones Reynolds, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The nominations were presented by an all-star lineup of daytime's leading actors and actresses.

Also appearing on THE VIEW was one of daytime television's most beloved children's characters, SESAME STREET'S Big Bird. This year's Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Caroll Spinney, the puppeteer who plays the roles of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on SESAME STREET. Spinney was chosen for his work entertaining and educating children for nearly four decades, since the series debut in 1969. His characters have been seen on more than 4,000 episodes, as well as Sesame Street television specials that have taken Spinney to China, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. His work has garnered him four Emmy Awards.

The show will be produced by White Cherry Ent. Daytime Emmys airs April 28, 2006, on ABC at 8-10:00 pm (ET) live from the Kodak Theatre Hollywood. This will be the first time the Daytime Emmy Awards will be broadcast from Hollywood in the 33-year history of the Awards ceremonies.

The Creative Arts Daytime Emmy Awards will be presented at two black tie ceremonies on April 22 in New York at the Marriott Marquis Hotel and in Hollywood at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood and Highland.

Below is a list of all the categories where animated programs were nominated.

Outstanding Children's Animated ProgramARTHUR * PBSPierre Valette, Executive ProducerToper Taylor, Executive ProducerLesley Taylor, Executive ProducerMarc Brown, Executive ProducerPaul Higgins, Coordinating ProducerDiane Dallaire, ProducerJacqui Deegan, ProducerGeoff Adams, ProducerTolon Brown, ProducerGreg Bailey, Producer/DirectorDebra Toffan, DirectorPeter Hirsch, Head Writer

BABY LOONEY TUNES * CARSander Schwartz, Executive ProducerTom Minton, ProducerRon Myrick, Producer/DirectorMichael Hack, DirectorCarter Crocker, WriterMarloe Weisman, Writer

DORA THE EXPLORER * NICK JR.Chris Gifford, Executive ProducerValerie Walsh, Executive ProducerJeff Degrandis, Supervising ProducerMiken Wong, Line ProducerCathy Galeota, ProducerChristine Ricci, ProducerEric Weiner, Producer/Head WriterSherie Pollack, DirectorGeorge Chialtas, Director

JAKERS! THE ADVENTURES OF PIGGLEY WINKS * PBSMike Young, Executive ProducerStephanie Gougeon, Executive ProducerLouisa Stretton, Executive ProducerBill Schultz, Co-Executive ProducerLiz Young, Supervising ProducerCary Silver, Line ProducerJohn Over, Producer/DirectorKelly Ward, DirectorSindy Mckay, Head WriterLarry Swerdlove, WriterDennis Haley, WriterMarcy Brown, WriterPeter Garcia, WriterJennifer Yale, Writer

PEEP * DSC KIDSKate Taylor, Executive ProducerJessica Hanlon, Executive ProducerMelinda Toporoff, Supervising ProducerVince Commisso, Senior ProducerPaul Higgins, Coordinating ProducerSteven Jarosz, Coordinating ProducerMarisa Wolsky, ProducerGeoff Adams, ProducerKai Pindal, ProducerRick Marshall, DirectorDebra Toffan, DirectorKathy Waugh, Head WriterJoe Fallon, WriterNick Raposo, Writer

TODD WORLD * DSC KIDSBill Schultz, Executive ProducerTodd Parr, Executive ProducerGerry Renert, Executive ProducerAmy Sprecher, Executive ProducerPaul Cummins, Executive ProducerTapaas Chakravarti, Executive ProducerMike Young, Co-Executive ProducerLiz Young, Co-Executive ProducerCarin Greenberg Baker, Supervising ProducerMelinda Toporoff, Supervising ProducerMarie Cecchino-Brand, Line ProducerSiobhan Ni Ghadhra, ProducerStuart Cunningham, ProducerJeff Gordon, DirectorGlenn Kirkpatrick, DirectorDoug Parker, DirectorCorey Powell, WriterNicole Duboc, WriterCynthia Harrison, WriterDon Gillies, Writer

Outstanding Special Class Animated ProgramTHE BATMAN * KIDS WB!Sander Schwartz, Executive ProducerAlan Burnett, Executive ProducerDuane Capizzi, Supervising Producer/Story EditorMichael Goguen, Supervising ProducerJeff Matsuda, ProducerLinda M. Steiner, ProducerGlen Murakami, ProducerSeung Eun Kim, DirectorBrandon Vietti, DirectorSam Liu, DirectorGinny Mcswain, Director

COCONUT FRED'S FRUIT SALAD ISLAND! * KIDS WB!Sander Schwartz, Executive ProducerAaron Simpson, ProducerMargaret M. Dean, ProducerMatt Danner, Supervising DirectorMichael Donovan, DirectorMichael Hack, DirectorRay Delaurentis, WriterWill Shifrin, Writer

THE SAVE-UMS! * DSC KIDSErin Wanner, Executive ProducerBeth Stevenson, Executive ProducerSteven Denure, Executive ProducerNeil Court, Executive ProducerKym Hyde, ProducerJohn Mariella, Co-ProducerAaron Linton, DirectorBen Pinkney, DirectorMoris Molino, DirectorBetty Quan, WriterDan Clark, WriterSheila Dinsmore, Writer

TUTENSTEIN * NBCBruce Johnson, Executive ProducerWilliam Baumann, Executive ProducerPaul Cummins, Executive ProducerJessica Hanlon, Executive ProducerFred Schaefer, Supervising ProducerMilt Vallas, Co-ProducerJohn Petrovitz, Co-ProducerTom Gleason, ProducerSiobhan Ni Ghadhra, ProducerMark Seidenberg, Producer/WriterRob Laduca, DirectorBob Richardson, DirectorJohn Behnke, WriterRob Humphrey, Writer

Outstanding Children's SeriesBETWEEN THE LIONS * PBSJudith Stoia, Executive ProducerBrigid Sullivan, Executive ProducerChristopher Cerf, Executive ProducerNorman Stiles, Executive ProducerDiane Hartman, Executive ProducerCarol Klein, Supervising ProducerBeth Kirsch, Coordinating Producer

ENDURANCE: TEHACHAPI * NBCJD Roth, Executive ProducerTodd A. Nelson, Executive ProducerJohn Foy, Executive ProducerErin Wanner, Executive ProducerGrady Candler, Co-Executive ProducerCaleb Nelson, ProducerJulie Singer, ProducerMatt Westmore, Coordinating ProducerIan Golding, ProducerEric Westmore, Line Producer

POSTCARDS FROM BUSTER * PBSPierre Valette, Executive ProducerCarol Greenwald, Executive ProducerMarc Brown, Executive ProducerToper Taylor, Executive ProducerPaul Higgins, Coordinating ProducerNatatcha Estebanez, ProducerLesley Taylor, ProducerTolon Brown, ProducerEllie Lee, ProducerDiane Dallaire, Line Producer

STRANGE DAYS AT BLAKE HOLSEY HIGH * NBCJeff F. King, Executive ProducerAdam Haight, Executive ProducerErin Wanner, Executive ProducerJim Rapsas, Executive ProducerKevin May, ProducerTony Thatcher, Producer

ZOOM * PBSKate Taylor, Executive ProducerKathleen Shugrue, Senior ProducerPaul Serafini, Supervising ProducerMarcy Gunther, Coordinating ProducerMarisa Wolsky, Producer

Outstanding Pre-School Children's SeriesBLUE'S ROOM * NICKAngela C. Santomero, Executive ProducerMarcy Pritchard Shablak, Supervising ProducerTraci Paige Johnson, Executive ProducerJennifer Twomey, Executive ProducerWendy Harris, Co-Executive ProducerDr. Alice Wilder, ProducerDavid Palmer, ProducerClaire Curley, Producer

HI-5 * DSC KIDSHelena Harris, Executive ProducerWendy Douglas, Supervising ProducerMarcel Zammit, Line Producer

PAZ * DSC KIDSAmy Sprecher, Executive ProducerMarjorie Kaplan, Co-Executive ProducerRuud Van Breugel, Co-Executive ProducerTom Van Waveren, Co-Executive ProducerErin Wanner, ProducerClive Juster, ProducerJames Still, ProducerRoland Tongue, Producer

SESAME STREET * PBSLewis Bernstein, Executive ProducerKevin Clash, Co-Executive ProducerCarol-Lynn Parente, Senior ProducerKaren Ialacci, Coordinating ProducerMelissa Dino, ProducerTim Carter, Co-Producer

Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction And CompositionBaby Looney Tunes * CarSteven R. Bernstein, ComposerJulie Bernstein, Composer

CLIFFORD'S PUPPY DAYS * PBSJared Faber, Music Director/Composer

MAYA AND MIGUEL * PBSDavid Ricard, Composer

THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW * SYNParker Williams, Music Director

SESAME STREET * PBSMike Renzi, Music DirectorDave Conner, Music DirectorTony Geiss, ComposerDanny Epstein, Composer

Outstanding Performer In An Animated ProgramJAKERS! THE ADVENTURES OF PIGGLEY WINKS * PBSMaile Flanagan, As Piggley Winks




PET ALIEN * CARTOON NETWORKJess Harnell, As Swanky And Gumpers

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Live Action and AnimationTHE BATMAN * KIDS WB!Tom Syslo, Supervising Sound EditorTimothy Borquez, M.P.S.E., Supervising Sound EditorKeith Dickens, Sound EditorErik Foreman, Sound EditorJeff Hutchins, Sound EditorDaniel Benshimon, Sound EditorDoug Andorka, Sound EditorEric Freeman, Sound EditorMark Howlett, Sound EditorMark Keatts, Supervising Dialogue/Adr EditorMichael Garcia, Dialogue/Adr EditorMark Keefer, Dialogue/Adr EditorCharles Smith, Dialogue/Adr Editor

COCONUT FRED'S FRUIT SALAD ISLAND! * KIDS WB!Joe Pizzulo, Supervising Sound EditorRick Hinson, M.P.S.E., Sound Effects EditorMark Keatts, Supervising Dialogue/Adr EditorMichael Garcia, Dialogue/Adr EditorMark Keefer, Dialogue/Adr EditorCharles Smith, Dialogue/Adr EditorWill Anderson, Supervising Music Editor

JOHNNY TEST * WBMark Keatts, Supervising Dialogue/Adr EditorOtis Van Osten, Supervising Sound EditorMelinda Rediger, Co-Supervising Sound EditorMichael Garcia, Dialogue/Adr EditorMark Keefer, Dialogue/Adr EditorCharles Smith, Dialogue/Adr EditorJeff Shiffman, Sound Effects Editor

LOONATICS UNLEASHED * KIDS WB!Timothy Borquez, M.P.S.E., Supervising Sound EditorTom Syslo, Supervising Sound EditorGeorge Nemzer, Sound EditorDoug Andorka, Sound EditorJeff Hutchins, Sound EditorMark Howlett, Sound EditorKeith Dickens, Sound EditorEric Freeman, Sound EditorMark Keatts, Supervising Dialogue/Adr EditorMichael Garcia, Dialogue/Adr EditorMark Keefer, Dialogue/Adr EditorCharles Smith, Dialogue/Adr Editor

XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN * KIDS WB!Timothy Borquez, M.P.S.E., Supervising Sound EditorTom Syslo, Supervising Sound EditorDaisuke Sawa, Sound EditorDoug Andorka, Sound EditorEric Freeman, Sound EditorMark Keatts, Supervising Dialogue/Adr EditorMichael Garcia, Dialogue/Adr EditorMark Keefer, Dialogue/Adr EditorCharles Smith, Dialogue/Adr EditorMark Howlett, Sound Editor

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing - Live Action and AnimationDORA THE EXPLORER * NICK JR.Juan Aceves, Re-Recording Mixer

SESAME STREET * PBSBlake Norton, Production MixerBob Schott, Re-Recording MixerJim Czak, Re-Recording MixerDick Maitland, Re-Recording Mixer

SUNDAY MORNING SHOOTOUT WITH PETER BART & PETER GUBER * AMCIsh Garcia, Production MixerEvan Adelman, Production Mixer

TOURNAMENT OF ROSES PARADE, 117TH * CBSChris Maddalone, Production MixerDirk Sciarrotta, Sound Effects Mixer


The 33rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards is a presentation of the National Television Academy in cooperation with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

A complete list of nominees in all categories and a list of programs with multiple nominations, compiled by the independent accounting firm Deloitte & Touche Llp., is attached, available on the National Television Academy website at