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Iwerks & Tashlin at LACMA

The Film Department of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will present two programs of films by Frank Tashlin and Ub Iwerks. On Friday, May 7, at 7:30 pm A Taste of Tashlin: Early Hollywood Cartoons will present the cartoons Frank Tashlin made before turning to live-action and going on to direct several of Jerry Lewis' best films. The program includes PORKY'S POULTRY PLANT, PORKY IN THE NORTH WOODS, PORKY'S ROMANCE, THE MAJOR LIED TIL DAWN, THE FOX AND THE GRAPES, SCRAP HAPPY DAFFY, PORKY PIG'S FEAT, A CORNY CONCERTO, PLANE DAFFY, THE LADY SAID NO, THE HOME FRONT, A HOLLYWOOD DETOUR, CINDERELLA GOES TO A PARTY, I GOT PLENTY OF MUTTON, BROTHER BRAT, THE STUPID CUPID, and NASTY QUACKS. Of particular note are the hard to see PORKY'S ROMANCE, and THE FOX AND THE GRAPES, the first entry in Columbia's Fox and the Crow series. Animation historian Mark Langer will introduce the program.

On May 8, at 7:30 pm Ub Iwerks: The Man Behind the Mouse will present a series of films by the early collaborator of Walt Disney, as well as an excerpt from the documentary, THE MAN BEHIND THE MOUSE, by his granddaughter. The films to be shown are STEAMBOAT WILLIE, ALICE'S CARTOONLAND, CINDERELLA, THE OCEAN HOP, PLANE CRAZY, HELL'S BELLS, SKELETON DANCE, FIDDLESTICKS, CUCKOO MURDER CASE, BALLOONLAND, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, TROLLEY TROUBLES, ROOM RUNNERS, TECHNO-CRACKED, THE BRAVE TIN SOLDIER, DON QUIXOTE, MERRY MANEQUINS, DONALD'S DECISION. Iwerks is said to have singlehandedly animated/directed most of STEAMBOAT WILLIE, PLANE CRAZY, and SKELETON DANCE, films that were central to Disney's early success.

Screenings will be held in the Bing Theater at LACMA. Admission is $7; $5 for museum members and students. For more information call (323) 857-6010.

Two of the Iwerks films, CINDERELLA and LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, were only recently brought back into the light of day. Read the full story about their discovery in A SILENT TREASURE CHEST by Andrew Osmond in next month's May1999 issue of Animation World Magazine.