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ITV Secures Licensing Deals for 'Thunderbirds'

ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment awards two major new licenses for the Classic Thunderbirds brand.

ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment (ITVS GE) has awarded two major new licences for the Classic Thunderbirds brand that underline its diverse and cross-category appeal: trading cards and collectible figures from Diffusion and t-shirts and loungewear from TDP Textiles.

Diffusion Toys, a producer and distributor of die cast toys, miniatures and collectibles for the adult market, is planning a range of Thunderbirds trading cards and 12-inch collectible figures featuring all of the popular heroes (and one or two villains) from the iconic series.

Targeting a pop culture-sensible market of young adults and up, the range will be available at specialist and online stores as well as direct to consumer from May 2013.

TDP, a leading producer of character apparel for contract customers, is bringing some of the striking and beautifully detailed illustrations that made this summer’s Haynes’ International Rescue Thunderbirds Agents’ Technical Manual such a hit to a range of men’s t-shirts and loungewear. The Thunderbirds range will be illustrated with such memorable designs as detailed diagrams of the inner workings of Thunderbirds craft, cutaways of the Tracy Island buildings, launch bays and storage areas, and Lady Penelope’s FAB1 and FAB2 vehicles. The target market is from young adult up.

Trudi Hayward, ITVS GE, says, “These two very different licences in fact have a lot in common: they illustrate the continuing strength of the Classic Thunderbirds brand and the power and appeal of the images and designs that Gerry Anderson made famous, which are more on-trend with today’s adult market than ever before.”

Darren Epstein, CEO of Diffusion Toys, says, “Classic Thunderbirds with its instantly recognisable, superbly designed images lends itself perfectly to the adult collectors’ market. We’re delighted to be taking this iconic brand onto our products and look forward to a strong response from fans and collectors alike.”

Tim Dawson, Co-founder and Chief Executive, TDP Textiles, adds, “This range of character wear is both instantly recognisable and unique. The combination of the detailed Haynes diagrams and the iconic Thunderbirds logo and craft will be a big draw for fans of the brand and people looking for a striking new t-shirt design.

Source: ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment