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Isotropix’s Clarisse 3.5 to be Unveiled at FMX 2017

Exclusive presentations from ILM, DNeg, Important Lookin Pirates, and more, to cover Clarisse 3.5’s wide range of improvements including a new set of innovative and creative features focused on layout, scene assembly, look development, lighting and rendering.

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE -- Isotropix, a privately held software company developing high-end innovative graphics software, has announced that Clarisse 3.5, the latest update of its next-gen artist-centric creation tool, will be unveiled at FMX 2017.

Isotropix invites attendees and press members to meet its team May 2nd & 3rd in their company suite at FMX 2017. The Isotropix Team will provide exclusive presentations covering Clarisse 3.5 wide range of improvements and new set of innovative and creative features focused on layout, scene assembly, look development, lighting and rendering.

“We’re super excited to unveil Clarisse 3.5 during FMX!” said Sam Assadian, Isotropix CEO & Co-founder. “Clarisse 3.5 comes with its share of exciting new features making it more powerful and more artist friendly than ever before! Clarisse 3.5 brings a great set of new features and some truly revolutionary ones allowing artists to paint billions of polygons interactively.”

In addition, exceptional guest speakers working at Industrial Light and Magic, Important Looking Pirates, Double Negative, Double Negative TV and MediaMonks will join The Isotropix Team at FMX 2017 to share an exclusive behind the scene look at how they’ve been using Clarisse in some of their most recent projects. Isotropix is delighted to announce the presence of the following leading industry artists in Isotropix company suite:

  • Amanda Johnstone-Batt, 3D Sequence Supervisor at Double Negative
  • Mark Pascoe, Head of 3D and CG Supervisor at Double Negative TV
  • Votch Levi, Senior Generalist at Industrial Light & Magic
  • Martin Ögren, Lead Lighting Artist at Important Looking Pirates
  • Vincent van der Klaauw, Senior Environment and Matte Painting Artist at MediaMonks

Review the complete presentations schedule at

Isotropix booth #3.1 at FMX 2017

During the entire exhibition, The Isotropix Team will provide exclusive tech demonstrations of the upcoming Clarisse 3.5 at booth #3.1.

Isotropix User Group Party

Isotropix will hold a user group party on Wednesday, 3rd May from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at La Cantina. More information is available on

Source: Isotropix

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