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Isotropix to Showcase Clarisse iFX 2.0 at SIGGRAPH 2015

Isotropix teams with Fabric Software on a full schedule of presentations and events for SIGGRAPH 2015 to showcase the latest developments and new features in the company’s next-gen look development, lighting and rendering tool.

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE -- Isotropix, a privately-held software company developing high-end innovative graphics software, will take part in SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles on the exhibition show floor in booth #1001. From August 11th to August 13th, Isotropix speakers will hold presentations covering Clarisse iFX 2.0 new features and latest developments. In addition to these presentations, Isotropix team will make demonstrations of Clarisse iFX 2.0 throughout the exhibition.

Clarisse iFX Days: Session Topics and Speakers

  • Procedural Modeling as workflow booster
    Clarisse procedural modeling engine is easy, powerful and unlike most other software, it is transparent and simple. Discover how fun it becomes to control the generation of a massive forest.
  • 3D Matte Painting
    Discover how to build a realistic highly detailed futuristic city using Clarisse iFX. Overview all the latest layout tools improvements helping you design and create massive environments reaching a level of complexity you've always dreamed of.
  • Asset-based workflow
    Discover how to bring data in Clarisse iFX using Alembic, OBJs... and how to benefit from automatic and fast incremental updates. Learn the benefits of working with external assets instead of embedding them in a huge monolitic file.
  • Volume Rendering
    Introduction to the new volume rendering engine released with Clarisse iFX 2.0. Discover the complete volume toolset including the physical volume material shader atmospheres and OpenVDB integration.
  • Using file referencing to simplify team work
    Discover Clarisse's powerful, yet intuitive, file referencing. Thanks to its attribute overriding, learn how Clarisse can simplify your pipeline as well as the daily works of artists working in teams.
  • Clarisse iFX: a new approach to 3D
    Discover what makes Clarisse the nextgen lighting and rendering tool. Learn how much easier your workflow can become becomes and discover why pros think that "Clarisse brings back fun to the job."

Discover what makes Clarisse the best out-of-the-box dedicated look development, lighting and rendering application. Learn why more and more studios relies on its high quality integrated rendering engine to render their images.

Isotropix team speakers: Yann Couderc, Clarisse iFX Product Specialist and Rainer Duda, Clarisse iFX Evangelist.

Special guest speaker presentations at the Isotropix booth:

During the event, the following leading industry professionals will be on Isotropix booth to share their experience with Clarisse iFX and talk about how they used it in some of their most recent projects.

  • Massive environments in Clarisse: How Tippett Studio is using Clarisse to dress and render environments for 180 degree dome rides. With Alex Hessler, CG Supervisor at Tippett Studio.
    Tippett Studio is creating a 100% computer generated film for an immersive dome ride. Clarisse's ability to handle massive amounts of geometry has made it a central tool for the entire production process.
  • Clarisse gets physical. With Emmanuel Turquin, R&D Lead – Rendering at Double Negative.
    Discover how Clarisse has become Dneg's main renderer. Learn how Clarisse's SDK allowed DNeg's RnD to create a fully proprietary physically plausible rendering framework seamlessly integrated to the Clarisse application.
  • Scattering and Referencing to Simplify Pipeline at Double Negative. With Kai Pedersen, Generalist/Lighting TD at Double Negative.
    A look inside how Double Negative is leveraging Clarisse' procedural nature and powerful referencing to allow lookdev and lighting to handle tasks that would often rely on Layout animation and FX departments.

Click here to see the full presentation schedule at the Isotropix booth.

Isotropix and Fabric Software User Group Party
This year, Isotropix will hold a joint user group with Fabric Software on Tuesday, 11th August 2015 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Double Negative CTO Graham Jack will join the event and make a presentation on how Clarisse and Fabric Engine fit in Double Negative pipeline.

Isotropix and Fabric Software User Group party Program
6:30 pm - Isotropix: Exclusive announcement
6:45 pm - Fabric Software Introducing Fabric Engine 2
7:00 pm - Double Negative: Clarisse and Fabric Engine in Dneg pipeline
This event is by invitation only.

Source: Isotropix

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