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Isotropix Announces Major Update for Clarisse

Clarisse 3.5 to introduce improvements to set dressing, scene assembly, look development, lighting and rendering feature sets and workflows.

Graphics software developer Isotropix announced at FMX 2017, the international effects and media conference in Stuttgart, Germany, that the company will release the next iteration of its 3D video effects software, Clarisse 3.5, by the end of May.

The update to Clarisse 3.5 will introduce improvements to set dressing, scene assembly, look development, lighting and rendering feature sets and workflows. In addition, Isotropix has released videos of the FMX presentations covering Clarisse’s new features and improvements:

Clarisse 3.5 introduces a new workflow allowing artists to paint, set dress and edit individual instances to create lifelike environments made up of billions of polygons. According to Isotropix, the Clarisse development team spent a lot of time on their “scatterer” to offer artists per-instance collision detection, per instance-time offset controls and probability-based weight distribution.

Isotropix said the new update aims to help artists reach photorealistic effects in less time without compromising the creative control artists have over their projects. New look development, lighting and rendering features in Clarisse 3.5 include an all new physical standard material, new enhanced light controls, new texture operators (such as a tri-planar projection) and many improvements to the Material Editor nodal view.

The new Light Path Expressions offered in the update allow artists to easily output custom AOVs for more nuanced control over the final lighting and shading in external compositing packages. A new Cryptomatte output bypasses the need to render specific masks in Clarisse by allowing mask generation on renders with motion blur and depth of field directly from the compositing application. (Cryptomatte is an open-source automatic ID matte creator built by Jonah Friedman and Andy Jones at Psyop that supports motion blur, transparency, and depth of field using information available at render time.)

Workflow and organizational updates include file reference improvements, improved groups, and an enhanced user interface.

Customers with an active maintenance license will be eligible for a free upgrade when Clarisse 3.5 is released, and can preview several of the upcoming features in the current version of Clarisse (codenamed Daedalus).

The Isotropix team will host an informal meetup in San Francisco on May 11th at 7:00 P.M., where CEO/co-founder Sam Assadian will present an exclusive glimpse of the release. Register here to attend the event.

Source: Isotropix

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