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Iron Giant gets licensed

THE IRON GIANT, which opens in the US on August 6, will be accompanied bythe following merchandising. On August 3 Rhino Records will release THEIRON GIANT soundtrack. In addition to an original score by Michael Kamen(LETHAL WEAPON, 101 DALMATIONS), this collection includes tracks such asEddie Platt's 1958 hit "Cha-Hua-Hua," The Magnificents' "Let's Do TheCha-Cha," and Jimmie Haskell's "Rockin' In Orbit." Compiled by Rhino'sJames Austin, THE IRON GIANT soundtrack will retail for $16.1998/CD,$10.1998/cassette. Other promotions include those with '50s-style dinerJohnny Rockets (which will give away a cassette sampler with the purchaseof each child's meal), toy company Trendmaster (which is releasing eightIron Giant toys), and Act II Popcorn (which will offer a rebate on thesoundtrack with popcorn tubs in theatres). Directed by Brad Bird (FAMILYDOG, THE SIMPSONS, KING OF THE HILL), THE IRON GIANT film is set at thedawn of the Space Race when nine year-old Hogarth Hughes adopts a giantmetal-eating robot who has crash landed in his neighborhood. The screenplayis based on THE IRON MAN by British Poet Laureate Ted Hughes, who wrote thebook for his son after the death of his wife Sylvia Plath.