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Ireland's Telegael Launches New Stop Motion Studio

Telegael launches a new stop motion studio, Beochan, to create the second season of prehistoric preschool series, “Igam Ogam.”

Ireland's Telegael has set up a brand new stop motion studio, Beochan, in Casla in Connemara to create the second season of the prehistoric pre-school animation series, Igam Ogam, for Five, S4C, TG4 and ZDF Enterprises.

Preproduction is taking place at Welsh independent Calon’s Cardiff studio while animation and postproduction are underway in the West of Ireland. The series will be broadcast in the autumn on Channel Five’s Milkshake and S4C.

The director and many of the animation staff who worked on the first series in Cardiff  have moved to Telegael’s newly established bespoke state-of-the-art facility where they have been joined by animation professionals from all over Ireland.  The studio will create 40 jobs in the region.

“We are pleased to be able to undertake this significant investment in Beochan which will be the first dedicated stop motion studio in Ireland,” said Paul Cummins, CEO of Telegael. “We hope Igam Ogam will be the first of many stop motion series and feature films to be made here.”

It's great to be able to help create a bespoke stop motion studio in a helpful and supportive environment,” said Robin Lyons, MD of Calon, whose TV credits include BAFTA winning Superted and Hilltop Hospital, as well as Fireman Sam, Sali Mali and Hana’s Helpline. “Telegael is the most encouraging of partners. The location couldn't be more beautiful.  No wonder our animators are excited about an adventure in Ireland."

Source: Telegael