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Ireland’s Monster Entertainment Secures Streaming Deal with AmebaTV

Adding to its growing library of content, Ameba partners with Monster adding over 150 episodes of the studio’s vast selection of globally popular animated programming for kids.

WINNIPEG, MB -- AmebaTV has signed with Ireland’s Monster Entertainment to have an extensive variety of their internationally popular animated content available on the AmebaTV platform. The deal will provide AmebaTV with 150 episodes from Monster Entertainment’s quality library of programming for kids.

AmebaTV’s young users will now be able to select from over 150 episodes of Monster’s globally successfully animated series, a unique array of programming from around the world, including such popular titles as the French-produced 3D non-dialogue Gazoon, Hullabalooba, Finland’s Pikkuli, Ireland’s Rocka-Bye Island and the slapstick children’s comedy from Costa Rica, Outopus.

“Monster Entertainment has expanded our catalog in a big way bringing a mixture of internationally loved programs,” notedTonyHavelka, President, AmebaTV. “Their shows are very popular with our audience. Kids love these unique, high quality, and extremely entertaining shows and come back to watch them over and over again.”

“We are excited to add Ameba TV as our partner and part of our comprehensive digital distribution growth strategy,” stated Andrew Fitzpatrick, Chairman of Monster Entertainment. “We look for companies with a solid history, an extensive audience base and strong growth potential for our content. Ameba has all three!”

Source: AmebaTV